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Welcome to the Occupy Boston wiki!

Occupy Boston stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, which may be seen as a consequence of the same inspirations that birthed the Arab Spring. In the aim of equalizing the power of individual voices, we employ a direct democracy.

This wiki is maintained by thoughtful individuals with the belief that unrestricted access to information promotes transparency and participation. The wiki - and occupations everywhere - rely on every individual. Please Join Us!


Please read the Help and Guidelines page before commencing with any major editing.
Help us build a superstructure of knowledge; educate yourself and others in the unending, compassionate cycle of learning and teaching.

  • Establish Contact
  • Explore the mass of resources on the Education and Media pages
  • View the Calendar for upcoming events, or call 617-286-6805 for an automated recording of each day's events
  • Visit the home site, OccupyBoston.org
  • Come to Tent City (Dewey Square)
  • Donate supplies and finances
  • Join the live Chat (IRC) with other Occupiers
  • Sing!

Working Groups

Working Groups are the organs supporting the body of the Occupation. Within these groups you will find resources, discussions, and courses of action in every field.

Working Groups are open; please contribute!

For an alphabetized list of all working groups, click here (or see the link in the side bar).

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Thank you!