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Pages for collaborating on a strategic plan to reach the Occupy Vision.

GOAL OF THESE PAGES: We're developing tools to help us communicate ideas. These tools may include things like roadmaps/timelines, diagrams showing who is doing what, etc etc. Join in the fun. Whatever you think will help us develop and communicate "a plan" to get us to our vision.


TRACK 1. [OCCUPY STRATEGIC PLANNING GOALS] On this track, we are taking the 2012 OCCUPY VISION DOC - and listing out actions we can take toward getting to the vision described in the 2012 Vision Doc, or however it evolves. These tools are fluid in that if the group decides to improve them then the group decides to improve them, but for now, we're working from the 2012 Vision Doc.

TRACK 2. ["THE LIST"] - A list of players influencing how society is changing, and how these orgs can be viewed, and/or categorized. This can help us later to help us influence them and/or do things in response. There are TWO TASKS in Track 2 that we're focusing on: definiting the categories of groups, and then assigning each group a category.

TRACK 3. PATHS - a visual explanation of different paths that people and orgs can take toward "the end". We'll have more on this soon. Talk to Polar...he's storyboarding it. Something about following a small business and the choices that can be made as it grows. Over time, the choices, the criteria for how the choices are made will be something like a video game, maybe even with user determined paths.

For background, here are the old [Occupy Boston Strategic Planning page], which has some educational resources. We didn't get very far, but this is offered, because we at least made an attempt at a SWOT (strenghts/weaknesses/opportunities/threats analysis) and pulled together some resource links about what Streategic Planning is. Please ignore that part about using it to seek profit. We're using the techniques to seek our goals... The techniques can be used to seak anything that an org wants to do. The goals are being set above in Track 1.

contact: info@occupyboston.org to reach the person maintaining these wiki pages. Or go to the InterOcc hub and look for the Occupy-Strategy email list, which is quite active, to join in the conversation. Or just start editing these pages.