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To find out how this track relates to the overall Strategic Planning effort go [Back to the Occupy Strategic Planning Summary Page]


On this track, we are developing a List of Goals by taking the Original Occupy Vision Doc and other vision docs - and listing out goals that we can achieve with specific actions toward getting toward achieving the vision.


1. To understand where theOriginal Occupy Vision Doc came from and find the background on how we built that document. We believe that because so many people worked on this Original Occupy Vision Doc, that it's worthwhile to use it as our "basis". We can improve the content as we go along. But for working purposes, we're assuming that it's a decent representation of what the people in the movement want. We may choose to add new items, of course. Please do this carefully, though, because if we want it to be something that the movement supports, we can't just add new visions willy nilly. Please work with the Occupy Vision group to get that consensus.

2. We're taking the listed items, and ADDING below each item, tactics and actions to achieve that item. As we mature as a movement, we will likely change this basic vision doc. But for now, please respect it as a starting point, and modify only the space/entries below each BOLD ITEM. There's also been the suggestion to categorize the items into those that are "concrete goals" that can be acted upon, and those that are more ethereal values/principles. Fred and Cal expressed some interest in this. One suggestion for organizing may be to take some of the items that we can't legislate. So it's like a "cultural change" section? Things to keep in mind as we evolve section?

3. We're planning to take the actions under each goal and put them into a timeline. THEN we're planning on linking the different orgs on "the list" (see Track 2) and who might "do" the work. Allying with groups already on that path, for example. We may also choose to categorise items that might work together, decide if they are things that are want to do as individuals, or as a group, and/or decide various other ways of organizing.



Illustrative Vision Categories that were derived from the National Gathering Visioning List. For the complete list, see the National Gathering Vision Hub Wiki at http://interoccupy.net/vision.


Please look at each BOLD item below, and add actions that we can take to achieve each.

PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. For example, don't just say "stop greed", but say things like "establish the right to a living wage", or something like that. Somethig "tangible", metrics that we can measure to see if we are actually acheiving something. If it's long term as opposed to short term, make note.

Please feel free to add links to clarify what terms mean. Such as I've added a link to a page explaining "the commons".


a. What: Environment

environmental justice

environmental awareness and respect connection to earth

How: - establish a strong "commons"/local rights-based ordinances, so communities can say no to polluters - amend constitution to declare right to clean water/air - shelter as a right -declare rooftops "commons" (gardens, wind turbines, solar). -institute development policies that favor high density cities -schools to teach holistic thinking -recognize and remediate environmental racism--predominance of incinerators in black-brown neighborhoods -mandate a certain percentage of public land to be farm, park, or wildlands. -public magnet schools that are horticultural academies that also care for public land & grow food -Local food production, community gardens, permaculture agriculture - worker self directed organic agriculture coops on the model of Mondragon in Spain - establish more community garden land - offer tax credits to farms that give away food - HIGH TAXES on food production that is NOT ORGANIC -lease commons (locally owned/controlled land) at a rate pegged to the cost of food to local organic growers -utilize planning models that favor high density cities, land conservation and discourage sprawl

b. What: Nourishment end hunger How: - tax credits to food providers that offer food for free (pay-what-you-can cafes, etc) -public magnet schools that are horticultural academies that also care for public land & grow food -replace the food stamp/agribusiness grand bargain with a basic income guarantee food supply that is humane and natural' access to real nourishing, non-chemical, non-GMO food healthier diets and lifestyles -affordable healthy food -require foodstamp agencies to provide foodstamp payment mechanisms to farmers markets -tie the salaries of public officials inversely to the price of a grocery basket of sustainable food -require that food additives, packaging, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies be proven safe before being allowed on the market - offer tax credits to ONLY to organic food producers/providers, not chemical-based farmers - HIGH TAXES on food production that is NOT ORGANIC - offer tax credits to ONLY to organic food producers/providers, not chemical-based farmers - HIGH TAXES on food production that is NOT ORGANIC - free school lunches - no junk food in schools - no for-profit packaged food in schools -require farms to be at least 50% self sustaining with regards to seed, animal, feed and fertilizer production

c. What: clean water as a right

How: - amend the constitution to declare that clean air and water is a right -peg the value of currency to the number of fish in the sea


d. free and open communications

How -all airwaves publicly owned - in the meantime, require all licensed broadcasters to allow free primetime spots to candidates that make it to the ballot. end to intellectual property, such that there is free and open sharing of information - have a certain amount of tax (by REVENUE, not profit, which is too easy to cheat) go straight to education, so production drives education. so people aren't threatened into hoarding IP. -extend public education through college - certain amount of the airwaves is public every day, primetime. - certain amount of airwaves is devoted to publicly funded elections

e. what: real education, free and equal, democratized'

how: - have a certain amount of tax (by REVENUE, not profit, which is too easy to cheat) go straight to education, so production drives education

f. what: universal access to data

how: - keep requirement for universal access on telephone companies, to make sure low income and remote people can get access.


What: peace, nonviolence, no war or death machinesno military g. world peace'

How: - choose a date where no arms will be built in factories. after that date, make it illegal for any guns to exist -pay owners of arms factories to stop producing - end tax deducation for lobbying expenses for military contractors

h. 'What: no need for violent conflict or guns'

How: replace current military model with hand to hand combat, only build schools in every village -repeal the Second Amendment -register all guns

i. What:

no global us vs them

nonviolence' friendship, rather than strangership, as the default relationship among people mutual respect between cultures or trading nations

how: -nonviolent interpersonal and international conflict resolution education -declare indigenous rights -balance the global labor transition with a global basic income guarantee


j. what: a world where basic needs are met

'all cultures respected equally

people feel empowered, free, and unafraid 'a strong sense of community safety for everyone from domestic violence and fear 'all human life valued equally mutually beneficial relationship between humans, the earth, and its inhabitants acting with consideration for the community, world, and everything else'

How: -mandatory community service for white color criminals -establish participatory budgeting of tax dollars -require people shown to engage in domestic violence, to volunteer in a homeless shelter

all decisions considered for seven generations in the future

- amend the constitution to require such - balance sheet policy, require all policies to be accounted for in the liability part of a balance sheet..."social obligation accounting" -more humanity, compassion, kindness, and selflessness


how: - amend the constitution to abolish corporate personhood - amend the constitution to declare that money is not speech - limit campaign donations to $50 per person and only in-district donations -ban on private contributions to political campaigns -full public financing of all elections -absolute ban on gifts to elected officials and their families.

what: end two-party system

-proportional representation, instant run off voting - join your local Green Party -abolish the electoral college

What:local community control

How: - declare local rights-based ordinances (you can organize this today, in your town)

what: consensus based democracy


-crowd source/vote on all public policy decisions/give the public a percentage of the votes on any decision via the internet. - online voting? - popular vote -voting days are holidays

what: just and fair legal system

- no profit in prisons

what: truth in journalism/illegal to lie

how: - big fines -prison terms for journalist who lie & loss of right to publish

what: minorities have power and voice (rule by diversity)

what: no tax without representation

what: a fair electoral system'

what: accountable government

- all financials downloadable in Excel format

what: democratic process that works for all "VI. FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE: CULTURAL/ECONOMIC' free healthcare (accessible and state of the art) free therapy and emotional/mental healthcare'

How: -nationalize the healthcare system - amend the constitution so that healthcare is a right - deploy national healthcare system -end fee for service & require that clinicians be salaried. -stop clinicians salaries when patient get sick, start paying them again when their patient recovers

what: healthcare emphasizes preventative and alternative measures full control of our own bodies, including shared ownership of the means of preventative healthcare

how: --alternative medical licensing/professional societies, use at your own risk -health as a major topic in public education system and in state sponsored adult education programs -programs to teach people how to take care of themselves and others, "caring cooperatives" --make gyms/health clubs part of the healthcare system


what: a tax system that creates the basis for an homeostatic economy; one that discourages waste and fraud, rewards thrift and environmentalism and taxes at a relatively higher rate activities that are harmful and not life-affirming.

How: - tax "resource use" NOT income - tax on revenues/expenses, not on profit. too easy to cheat - minimal income: everyone gets a check--Basic Income Guarantee: http://www.usbig.net/index.php -Zero-Sum Budget the Title 26 as recommended by the US Tax Payer Advocate (Tina E. Olson); start with no exemptions or credits and democratically decide (on line or w/town meetings) which credits to include or exclude. Use "just the brackets" during a five year planning process and then implement during an additional two year implementation period. -Tie the tax brackets to the rental cost of a square foot of land by county, the lower the rents, the lower the taxes. -Carbon Tax.

VIII. ECONOMIC EQUALITY: VIBRANT AND SOUND ECONOMY/PROSPERITY what: a economic system that like and ecosystem is homeostatic, self-regulating and wastes nothing.

how: Declare a Jubilee Year every 49 years. Create state-owned banks for each of the state where public funds are invested, like the Bank of North Dakota. Give control of commons to small municipalities Bring back Glass-Stegall give economic/tax incentives to locale producers Abolish corporate personhood Wealth Redistribution: Replace the current federal low income housing program with one that sells small net zero rental properties to inner city low income owners who agree to occupy them. No middlers, direct sales from government to citizens, with the fed having right of first refusal. Thirty hour work week for all government employees. Commerce Calming: prohibition on commerce Friday thru Sunday. Measure the Gross National Happiness instead of the Gross National Product.

General: fairness and equality for all beings (including ecosystems, resources) banks and corporations required to act responsibly, answering to many, not few radicalized labor unions international corporate accountability fair trade and fair working conditions

IX. FREEDOM: POLITICAL/CULTURAL freedom to live anywhere: no borders, no nations freedom of knowledge and press freedom of religion freedom of expression protected free equal access to opportunity derived from the Visioning Activities at the OCCUPY NATIONAL GATHERING Philadelphia, PA – July 2012

X. ITEMS THAT ADDRESS MANY OF THE ABOVE: - Amend the US constitution to deny corporate personhood - Zero Sum Budget Title 26http://wiki.occupyboston.org/wiki/User_talk:AriaLittlhous

List of Organizations and how they relate to the roadmap to achieve the vision.