Occupy Strategic Planning Working Group Mission Statement

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DRAFT ONLY!!! A few people have been asked to draft this, please check w/info@occupyboston.org before changing it. If you want to help, cool...these folks just want a chance to work on it themselves for a few days...

OK folks...this is from the notes. Have at it.

The mission of the group is to develop a process to widely collect and prioritize big hard objectives that could be used to implement the results of "the interim vision document"*. This will include developing criteria for what is considered "a solid objective" as opposed to ideas or ideals that "isn't concrete". Ideas/ideals will be listed, but not become part of the roadmap. The process will include defining timeframes for achieving the objectives, short, mid, and long term.

"The vision document" is the results of the experimental visioning process from NatGat 2012 that we are using as an interim work-in-progress for the purposes of this proposal.