Occupy Strategic Planning Working Group Mission Statement

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DRAFT ONLY!!! A few people have been asked to draft this, please check w/info@occupyboston.org before changing it. If you want to help, cool...these folks just want a chance to work on it themselves for a few days...

OK folks...this is from the notes. Have at it.

1. The current mission of the InterOccupy Strategic Planning Working Group (IOSPWG) is to:
(a.) collect concrete objectives that could be used to implement a *Vision for A Democratic Future such as that developed during the first Occupy National Gathering, 2012. http://interoccupy.net/blog/natgat-vision-results/ ; and
(b.) to develop criteria that define what a "concrete objective" is (as opposed to ideas or ideals that are "not concrete") and create a process for gathering, prioritizing and circulating those objectives that is as inclusive as possible.
2. Ideas/ideals (that are "not concrete" objectives) will be listed, but not become part of the next phase of the process.
3. The next phase of the strategic planning process that this group will undertake will emerge from the results of this gathering concrete objectives phase.