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You can help Occupy Boston build a more just and democratic society! Supporters' generous donations help us print fliers, maintain our infrastructure, reach out to other communities and organizations, and to pay legal fees from acts of civil disobedience. Donate to a specific fund or the general fund by visiting the [main website] and clicking on any of the donate links on the right side of the page.

You can also send checks to this address:

Occupy Boston
PO Box 51162
Boston, MA 02205

Please write checks payable to "OccupyBoston FAWG."

Please indicate the purpose of your donation, e.g., General Fund, Legal, Greenway Restoration, etc.

On behalf of OccupyBoston and its Financial Accountability Working Group, we thank you!

Other Stuff

Donations need not be money. For every dollar in cash we have collected, we have received countless more in donated computers, sound equipment, books, clothing, blankets, food, and tents. Donating unneeded belongings is a great way to support the movement.

Donated goods can be dropped at Dewey Square or sent c/o the Post Office:

P.O. Box 55262
Boston, MA 02205

[For specific Food needs of OccupyBoston, visit the Food needs page here ]

[For other specific needs of OccupyBoston, visit the main needs page here ]