Press Release Ideas

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Press Release Ideas

(please note if you've decided to start working on one of these)

Good Camp Story Ideas

- Good Neighbor Agreement. OK, we posted the agreement. Now why is it important? That it's a struggle to live peacefully without beating people or excluding them? Well, this is a story about how we're learning to live peacefully. ABout how we're doing things differently.

- Homeless People Being Productive Community Members. See Human Interest Stories below.

- Like the [library story], how about:

  • The Spirituality Tent
  • Medical Tent
  • Free School
  • Sign Tent
  • Street Theater
  • InfoTent, make this one about how fun it is to be a volunteer and how we need vols badly, please

- Clean up Crew. Mike Ippolito has done so much cleaning. Might want to do a story about him and his gal Julie.

- Safety Crew. Scott, the homeless security Santa worked the hardest part... the beginning. See Human Interest below.

- Logistics Tent. Please don't do this one.

[Human Interest Story Ideas]

Winterization (see email from Michael)

Posters (see Eli)