Procedures for Workgroups and Individuals to Obtain Funds

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Whereas, Occupy Boston has, at last count, 57 working groups listed on its website, and . . .

Whereas, the GA has previously authorized the Financial Accountability Working Group to disburse up to $100 per week to working groups, and . . .

Whereas, it is important to have a transparent process for establishing minimum standards for working group activity and membership for the purpose of receiving Occupy Boston funding,

The Financial Accountability Working Group Proposed the following process for authorizing working groups to receive Occupy Boston funds:

The process for obtaining authorization consists of three steps:

  1. The working group completes an Occupy Boston Working Group Funding Authorization Form, which includes, at a minimum:  
    1. Name of the Working Group
    2. Mission and Goals of the working group and what the working group expects to accomplish
    3. Working group email address
    4. Names,email addresses and phone #s of 3 working group liaisons to FAWG who will be responsible for signing off on individual funding requests*
    5. Weekly meeting schedule of the working group
    6. Proposed or typical expenses of the working group
  2. FAWG reviews form for completeness and accuracy, and requests additional information or clarifications from the working group, if necessary.
  3. FAWG reaches a decision about authorizing funding for the working group, and let’s the working group know and publishes the information on the FAWG wiki.

If a working group is denied authorization for funding from FAWG, it may ask FAWG to reconsider its decision.  If upon reconsideration, FAWG again determines that the working group does not meet the minimum requirements, as stated above, the working group may bring its proposal for funding authorization directly to General Assembly.

Once a Working Group has been authorized for funding, actual requests for funding should follow the Cash Disbursement Policy and Procedure.

Members of FAWG will sign up for all Working Group email lists to be able to monitor Working Group development and activities.

FAWG suggests that each Working Groups that is authorized for funding send a liaison to at least one FAWG meeting per month.

* WG liaisons to FAWG are simply the messengers and the WG assigned purchasing agents. Decisions on any monies to be spent are made at the WG level.