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Tasks TO DO:

- draft membership policy for review (Terra, from meeting notes)

- Finish FAQ/Narrative (done?) (TF: looks good to me!)

- Draft Flyer (Chris (emailed out to list, Justin volunteered to edit))

- Look into insurance specifics (Joe)

- Set up Kickstarter (Chris (Joe also has an account))

- Get scented oils (Terra)

- Get EIN (Seble)

- Get sample proposal scanned (Chris)

- Review Docs/Brochures/Website (ALL, website/docs have some updates 10/16)

- Scrub docs of various stuff (Joe)

- Review non-profit vs sponsor detail (Noah)

DONE Tasks: - Lawyer visit - Community Builder visit - Start Bank Account - Write Letter to Cambridge Women's group - Set up Twitter - Set up email group - Set up paid website ( - Get products for first job(s) - Indygogo site setup - Investigate Borax - Research supplies - Draft FAQs/docs - Investigate insurance rates - Facebook page - Integrate Community Builder docs into wiki

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