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''Based on: [http://occupyboston.wikispaces.com/Signs Signs at wikispaces]''
''Based on: [http://occupyboston.wikispaces.com/Signs Signs at wikispaces]''
[[Category:Working groups]]
[[Category:Working groups|Signs]]

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This is the home page for the Signs Mobile Unit of Occupy Boston.

The current location of the "Mobile Unit" signs group will be constantly updated on the signs twitter. @OccupyBosSigns

The signs tent has now become a Mobile Unit due to the raid and loss of the Dewey square camp. The Mobile Unit is a Radio Flyer wagon filled with sign and banner making materials. It is really awesome! We will be constantly moving about the city to various actions and marches. If you would like the signs Mobile Unit to be were you are having an event please email us at OccupyBostonSigns@gmail.com and let us know. We want to be with and for the people so let us know. This invitation is open to all working groups as well as other Occupys in the area and also community groups.

Supplies Needed:

(Last Updated MON Dec 26 2:29 AM)

Supplies can always be dropped off at any GA or you can meet the Mobile Unit on a march or action. If you would like to coordinate a pick up of donations pleaase email us. Thank you for your support!!

      • WE ALWAYS NEED***
  • Poster Board
  • Magnum Sized Markers
  • Paint / Spray Paint
  • Sheets & Fabric for banners
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Duct Tape (all colors)
  • Giant clips (for hanging signs and banners)

Contact Us:

Email: OccupyBostonSigns@gmail.com Twitter: @OccupyBosSigns

Based on: Signs at wikispaces