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Contact:  elise.moussa @ gmail.com
Contact:  elise.moussa @ gmail.com
[[Category:Working groups|Social Enterprise Working Group (S.Ent)]]
[[Category:Working groups|Social Enterprise Working Group - S.Ent]]

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Social Enterprises are organizations that are "for profit", but not entirely for profit, because they are responsible to the community, and perhaps even focused on the community. Some believe that the focus on profit and the reward to "owners" should be limited.

Here is information from one group: https://www.se-alliance.org/what-is-social-enterprise

This working group is focused on discussing what we believe is an appropriate Social Enterprise. This will include discussing what we, as a group, think are good "guiding principles" for Social Enterprises.

There are and will probably be more Social Enterprises that start up operations in and around OB. For a list of these, please go here Social Enterprise List


There are three groups emerging with different focuses and working gruops. Here's our best guess at how this is evolving:

1. [Sustainable Economy] Policy Working Group - What the business world should look like and what public and private policies can be implemented to realize that vision.

2. [Social Enterprise Working Group] - What the standards are that make an individual business "sustainable"

3. [Social Enterprises] (S.Ent) - The actual operations of Occupy Boston affiliated Social Enterprises

4. Consumer Action - How we can coordinate consumer spending to influence individual firms or industries to improve their social and environmental impact. (list of direct action ideas is coming...if you're from Direct Action, tell us where to put these, please)

Contact: elise.moussa @ gmail.com