Stop the deportation of Noelia Ramos

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Emergency Day of Action to Stop a Deportation
Family to be broken up by ICE on Wednesday!!!

Last chance call-in day and rally to tell ICE to stop destroying families!
Stop the Deportation of Lessy Noelia Ramos!
Rally at Boston City Hall to show community support!

Please take a moment to save this family by making one phone call on Tuesday,
and help spread the word for this last chance rally on Tuesday!  (see details below)

Lessy Noelia Ramos was one of the 361 victims of the horrific New Bedford raid over five years ago. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) invaded a factory where workers like Lessy were making backpacks for U.S. troops. The workers were chained and shipped all over the country away from their families and their communities.  

Hundreds of U.S. citizen children were left without parents, and at least one baby suffered from pneumonia after being separated from a breastfeeding mother.  Five years later, the Obama administration still has dozens of immigrants from the New Bedford raid in deportation proceedings.  

Noelia Ramoos is one of those workers.  Noelia has two U.S citizen children, a four year old and a five month old. Her last pregnancy brought her a beautiful son, Steven , but also left her with postpartum depression, which gets worse as thoughts of being separated from her family come to her.  Deporting her to Honduras means breaking apart a family and causing psychological damage to Noelia and her children.

Unless we do something, this WednesdayNoelia Ramos will be taken away from her two children and her husband and sent to Honduras. We are the only ones who can stop her deportation and we need everyone to take action for Noelia now!

On Tuesday 4/17 one day before Noelia is supposed to be deported we will be making our last stand with a rally in front of City Hall.

Rally to Stop Noelia’s Deportation!  
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 12:00pm
Boston City Hall
Boston, MA

Please share/invite others using Facebook

We need you to be there and to publicize this action as much as possible. If we can't show that Noelia has the support of the community then Noelia will be deported the next day!

Even if you can’t make it to the rally on Tuesday, please help to spread the word by forwarding this message or inviting people on the above facebook event.  We also need to show support by making phone calls to departments and decision-makers, to let them know that Noelia has our support!

ALSO: This Tuesday, let’s FLOOD The ICE office with phone calls to stop this deportation!'

Dorothy Herrera Niles is the Field Office Director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  This is the local decision-maker that might be able to grant “prosecutorial discretion” to Noelia so that she and her children can have the calm life they deserve.

CALL ICE # 781-359-7500, option 4 and request to speak to Dorothy Herrera Niles.
Noelia’s case number:  A#098237290.
Full name: Lessy Noelia Ramos

If you manage to speak to her or get sent to her voicemail, pour your heart out on why she shouldn't be deporting Noelia!!!

CALLING SCRIPT: " Dorothy, my name is.....and I am calling on behalf of Lessy Noelia Ramos A# 098237290. She has 2 citizen children and empowers her church community. She is a hard-working person who deserves to be in US not to be deported from here. Her family and community need her here.  Please DO NOT deport her."

Thank you for taking this action to save a family and bring justice to immigrant communities in New Bedford.  Please pass this action alert along to your friends and networks.