Strategic Planning

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There is no "Strategic Planning" working group in and of itself. We, as a group, seem to prefer organic planning from the working groups "up". BUT if you like "strategic planning" type stuff, there are a few groups you may want to pay attention to.

The [Strategies, Proposals, and Positions Working Group] (also known as "SPP")is primarily an online listserv (no onsite meetings). The group discusses reforms and ideas to get to those reforms. And then posts the ideas on the [SPP Working Group page]. The group focuses on long term objectives for "more technical" aspects of reforms, like what to do about banking regulation. For more "human-centric" topics, like "social objectives" like "justice" and what that means, see the Ideas Working Group in the next paragraph.

The Ideas Working Group is gathering up "concerns" that brought people to the movement. The group discusses "large social issues" and frames the discussion which will lead to specific reforms/actions. The group meets online via an email listserv, and also meets in person. Most recently, the group has been focusing on distilling the concerns that have been gathered in recent weeks.

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