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** [[CostOfLiving|Lower cost of living]]<br>
** [[CostOfLiving|Lower cost of living]]<br>
** Financial Industry Reform<br>
** Financial Industry Reform<br>
*** [[Banking Regulation & Structure Reform|Banking Regulation/Structure Reform]]<br>
*** [[Banking Regulation and Structure Reform|Banking Regulation/Structure Reform]]<br>
*** [[Monetary Policy and Federal Reserve System|Federal Reserve System]]<br>
*** [[Monetary Policy and Federal Reserve System|Federal Reserve System]]<br>
*** [[Trading and Derivatives|Trading/Derivatives]]<br>
*** [[Trading and Derivatives|Trading/Derivatives]]<br>

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This Working group is dedicated to discussing societal issues, determining their root causes, and responding with actionable proposals.

SCROLL DOWN to see links to on-going policy statement development. Note the dates to see where the current conversation is happening. And note which docs have been APPROVED BY GA. If a doc has not been approved, then it is DRAFT (in process).

To join in on the conversation:

  • Onsite Schedule/Meeting Time: TBA
  • Online discussions:
    • Wiki (Document Development and Comment-posts)
      • SCROLL DOWN and choose a link. Note the "tabs" on each page. One for the page, and one for "posts" ABOUT the page
      • For wiki access, pleas choose the "join this wiki".
      • Practice Editing a Wiki here.

GENERAL ISSUES (brainstorming and process discussion)

  • Statement of Purpose - Our first priority is to create an inclusive umbrella statement of purpose; specific issues will follow next.
  • Warren Buffet Ideas [Note: this is show-boating, and probably bunk. someone want to check? this page will soon be removed.] [then maybe go get his original letter to the NYT, please. there were good ideas there... I put it here so we don't forget his ideas, Terra]
  • Other General Ideas
  • Issues page

All documents created by this Working Group are DRAFT until it is approved by the GENERAL ASSEMBLY.


' physical
' virtual


Page Notes

Move to rename: ditch "SPP," - adopt "Reforms": reforms is not deep enough, restructuring is better.
This avoids the extreme vagueness of 'ideas' and the over-complication of 'spp.' I will try to post a broad announcement on the google group to invite further discussion. [TF: yeah, but we're merging the facilitation/ideas group w/SPP, right?]

Sections to be addressed:
Strategies, Issues, Objectives, Finished Proposals, Tactics, Meeting Notes (and schedule), Background Info.

Who knows what this note is for? I can't figure it out. Can someone explain it, or if you authored, it erase it?
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Based on: Strategies, Proposals, Positions at wikispaces