Strategies, Proposals, Positions

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The SPP working group is dedicated to discussing societal issues, determining their root causes, and responding with actionable proposals.

Please explore the many issues linked below. Note that some documents have been APPROVED by the GA, and they should not be edited (Discussion is still welcome!). If a document has not been approved by the GA, it is a DRAFT and therefore subject to further editing.


For efficiency, the SPP working group has prioritized two documents which aim to create an 'inclusive umbrella'. The following documents represent proposals for/official statements.

Other specific issues will follow.

Working Method

The established method is first to reach consensus within SPP, and then to invite collaboration from other working groups. Presentation and voting at the General Assembly is only attempted after broad collaboration. For each document, the discussion generally starts in the Google Group, and then moves onto 'active editing'.

Note: The Google Group is transitioning onto the OccupyBoston[dot]org server.

Join the Conversation

Next On-Site Meeting

Monday, 31 October 2011 7:00pm: Meet next to Library (between Media and Stage) 7:15pm: Re-locate to a quieter venue (South Station?)


  • Read and contribute to this wiki (the "Join" link is in the top right).
    • Choose a link below from the 'General Issues' section.
    • Note the "tabs" on each page. Left side: Page and Discussion about the page; Right side: Edit.
    • Practice editing a statement here. Also see the Sandbox.
  • View/Join the Google Group.
    • Note: The Google Group is transitioning onto the OccupyBoston[dot]org server.
    • To join, please write to occupybostonvol[at]gmail[dot]com. For other help, contact Terra at 978-808-7173. [I do not believe this is necessary - there should be an option to join by following the link above to the Google Group. --OneKarma 05:54, 28 October 2011 (EDT)]
  • Take an "Issues Survey", aiming to estimate the levels of support for proposals in general topics, created by Joshua Sager. (One submission per person)
    • View the Results (constantly updates)


These documents are in process work pages and other proposed language about a SPECIFIC REFORM IDEA or other REGULATORY/LEGAL/PROCESS changes that someone wants to discuss at a future date. Be aware that any of these docs could be changing and/or picked up by "the email group" for "real-time" discussion and change. So your work may "disapear" quickly, if a large number of people decide to work on it. The email group, in particular, may all of a sudden focus on a particular document and make lots of changes. The email group consists of a large number of active participants that descend on a document and make lots of change. This is part of the collaboration process, and the group appears to believe that it works. Enjoy!

[the above info paragraph could use some TLC. it is also suggested that the email group find a way to make all of the discussion happen here on the wiki. if we can learn to use built-in wiki tools to track pages, we can be much more efficient. SPP would benefit from the creation of a 'general' discussion page, and perhaps a number of other 'functional' pages to create a sort of discussion/navigation tree. SPP is in a position to be the first to effectively migrate and therefore demonstrate the power of good organization. --OneKarma 05:54, 28 October 2011 (EDT)]

Please cite sources as often as possible!. If you have specific expertise, please make it known (anecdotal information may be helpful). Use the Discussion tab for general comments or explanations of controversy.

Constitutional Reform

Economic Regulation

Election Reform


Human Needs/Rights

International Relations

Sovereignty and Law

  • Proportional Representation
  • War on Drugs
  • Third World Debt
  • Foreign Aid
    • how it contributes to regional conflict
    • food/medical service distro and contribution to deprivation / violent corruption

Reducing the Cost of Government

  • Senior Executive Service (has it outlived its usefulness and/or is it contributing to unnecessary expenditure)
  • Bring Congressional Benefits and ALL Gov't employees benefits in line with median worker
  • Stop spending on "roads to no where"


  • Discussion often takes cues from community generated media. Explore the Press and Education pages, containing many articles of interest.
  • Warren Buffet Ideas
  • Other General Ideas
  • Issues page Where broader mission statement type things are discussed.
  • Contact via [SPP is meeting at 7 PM on Monday 10/31 to decide the directions it will take in the future. Currently, Ideas and SPP are separate, with Ideas focusing on the facilitation of dialogue, development of ideas, and seeding of working groups/autonomous action. SPP has been focusing more on the statement of purpose and the nuts and bolts of bringing proposals to fruition, though its official role is still to be determined.]

Based on: Strategies, Proposals, Positions at wikispaces