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This is the discussion page for the Climate Action, Sustainability and Environmental Justice working group. It is a space in which we can continue, deepen and strengthen the discussions started during working group meetings and on the e-mail list. When making a contribution to this list, please keep in mind that this is viewable by all. Please keep discourse civil and when presenting information please provide references.

Discussion about education vs. activism

I, Rob Foley, would like to start a discussion on whether we should primarily seek to educate others about climate issues, or whether we should leave education primarily to other groups and instead engage in actions that seek to "move the ball further" in terms of the national discussion on climate issues. For an example, let's drop banners instead of go speak in schools, for the most part. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and critiques! Thanks much, Rob.

What a fascinating question!  I will give it some thought.  Adi
Brian and Marla like this idea!
I think the difficult part is 1) inspiring a great interest in youth in a very simple and succinct manner, and 2) having a (very easy to find/remember) destination or avenue of greater exploration for those whose interest may be piqued. In most cases this will be found online. Therefore, first you must agree upon what truths to spread and then how best to do so. It will be helpful to answer these questions:
  • What is the ultimate (final) goal of your actions? What is at the end of the chain reaction that may be started by your actions?
  • What are the steps leading to the desired final outcome?
  • How can you set the stage to create an opportunity to take the steps leading to your desired outcome?
  • What are the variables which might be used to manipulate for or against the desired outcome?
  • How can you ensure that your actions will lead to your ultimate goal?
  • What actions can be taken that would begin the chain reaction toward your ultimate goal?
  • What single action will impact the most individuals at the highest degree?
I hope this is helpful some way.
- OneKarmaT/C 04:24, 7 February 2012 (EST)

Wave Energy

Why are places like Scotland and Ireland currently using this sustainable clean energy and most countries have yet to even hear of this?

Brian Browne 617 460-4247

Much of the answer has to do with lobbying power over many years. Many people don't realize that the economy is a game capable of treacherous manipulation. The largest and most informed (read: most monetarily prosperous) groups are able to manipulate the system such that their properties will always be on sale. And this is a game of not only momentary issues that must be guessed, but of a thriving beast that can be predicted and even directed. The ones at the top hold the reigns, and they know where the beast shall go, and they are able to prepare in order to maximize their powers. Exaggerated consumption lets the beast gain proportion. All energy production and consumption is controlled by only a few massively profiteering groups. They have a plan.
The strategy is to spend all of one's money on things that are in low demand (buy companies that have experience in 'x' but that are not doing particularly well) while simultaneously picking up investors that want to see 'x' become a thriving product. The wealth of a major corporation allows it to coordinate on a massive scale in order to provide a service at lower cost; small businesses just can't save the same way. In the case of 'alternative energy', I believe that there is a cost issue regarding emerging technologies (whether this issue was 'manufactured' by big oil in the '70s or not) that prevents us from employing 'clean' energies more readily today.
This is, of course, the skeptic's point of view: While I do not believe 'evil' corporations to be intent on doing evil, I do believe that their greed makes them numb to the feeling of compassion so much that they are willing to dismiss the question of morality.
- OneKarmaT/C 04:24, 7 February 2012 (EST)