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problems with the current organization


The current menu/ front end is a mess. Consider the Participate and Get Involved menus/pages.

the [[Particpate]] menu:
    1 Direct Action
    2 Participate Remotely
        2.1 Join this wiki
        2.2 Follow Us On Social Media
        2.3 Donate
            2.3.1 Donate Stuff
            2.3.2 Donate Money
            2.3.3 Adopt A Protester
        2.4 Outreach
        2.5 Ideas
    3 Volunteer On-Site

Here, your options are create a revolution yourself, participate remotely, or volunteer on site. It seems like the wiki isn't for the occupiers.

I'd assert that we succeed to the extent that we can connect occupiers and the_rest_of_the_99%. It's not either or. It has to be both.

Working Groups (WG) are hardly mentioned on the participate (menu) page. Working groups often include occupiers and people from the_rest_of_the_movement_not_occupying. Encouraging active working groups is a way to grow the movement. Having scheduled face to face WG meetings on site keeps the_rest_of_the_movement_not_occupying in crucial contact with the occupiers. The internet resources should work to strengthen that connection.

the Get Involved menu:
    1 General Information
    2 Announcements
    3 Get Involved!
        3.1 On-Site Volunteering
        3.2 Remote Volunteering
    4 Outreach Sub-Pages
    5 Contact Us

What is the difference between getting involved and participating? Why are they both in prime page real estate?

I'd suggest: just having 'participate' menu which points to a 'Help build the movement' page

Participate | Help Build the Movement

1. Support the Occupation
1.1 Come to the Site
1.2 Events every day
1.3 Current needs
1.4 Work at Dewey Square
1.5 Donate
2. Work with the Occupiers
2.2 Educate yourself, Share your Ideas
2.2 Join a Working Group
2.3 Contribute on Social Media
2.4 Follow Developments

I think this structure would include all that already exists. Mcktimo 13:33, 24 October 2011 (EDT)