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The contents of Help/Navigation Tree are part of a suggestion to establish an organizational structure within the wiki. While represents a somewhat polished face of our community, the wiki represents a conglomeration of efforts in various fields. A page on the wiki should divulge the most pertinent information regarding its title. Discussion is nested within each page via the tab in the top left. By following this structure more closely, we can build a muscle that truly imparts motion in our global society.

Connecting people to information should be the highest goal of the wiki. We should therefore explore the naturally induced hierarchy of information as we know it, which is based on categories of human experience. This idea is abstracted by the use of folders in the user interface of computers everywhere. The wiki can be organized in this structure as well. If the structure could be agreeably mapped in a kind of tree, visitors to the wiki could quickly locate the discussions of greatest personal interest. The following

Compare to the alphabetized list of Working Groups. - Main

All pages fall under this convention by default.

In addition to these, there are many 'working' pages:

GA/ - GA/General Assembly

SG/ - Support Groups

In Solidarity

Dev/ - Development

Dev/ is a convergence point for working groups whose discussion is focused upon the evolution of strategies that alter society.


Arts and Culture (to become main 'arts' page ?)

TC/ - Tent City (Town Hall)


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