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Minutes from March 21, 2012 Media WG meeting held at E5

Attendees: Matt S., Dan C, Bob L., Tony, Gunner, Deb SB, Deb Butler, John, Liam

Facilitator: Gunner

Note Taker: Deb Butler

1. Deb Butler volunteered to join the Press Strategy call at 3:00PM on 3/22. She will update on A4 plans.

2. John volunteered to update the red banner

3. Project Assignments:

a. 4/2 Open House: Writer: Dan C; Copy Ed: Gunner

b. David Guerber 3/23 seminar: Writer: Matt S; Copy Ed: Tony

c. 3/26 Community Gathering (Tech): Post blog: Joshua

d. Howard Zinn Lecture Series: Writer: Tony; Copy Ed: Deb SB

4. Matt S asked if Media should comment on 3/20 arrests. The arrest occurred after the march at approx. 10:30PM. Matt has a video of the incident which he will give to OB Legal. We discussed the fact that Ariel has been contacted by the Globe for comment three times. Matt and others observed the police taunting the marchers before and after the march. John noted that police harassment appears to be growing as a strategy across the country. Dan C volunteered to write an investigative piece. Gunner suggested that pictures of the statue.

5. Occupy the T meeting 3/23. Josh G and Dan C. will attend the meeting as Media representatives

6. Occupy spots. Deb SB will reschedule the 3/23 meeting with Jess to another Friday

7. Matt S. and Dan C volunteered to be panelists on the Chris Farone CCTV panel next week (Tues. 3/27)

8. Gunner presented a draft outline of OB Media Lab for Citizen Journalists. The draft has been read by several OB Media members before the meeting. The draft will posted on Google docs and emailed to the OB Media external list for comment and editing. When finalized the OB Media Lab for Citizen Journalist statement will help Media determine what requests to choose from the increasing number of requests for funding from other OB working groups. The statement will also outside ways to utilize Media’s multi-media resources. Gunner will ask to Farhad to email the draft to the external list. All at the meeting liked the language in the draft.

9. Deb Butler and Liam are working on the GA Proposal for rent funding.

10. In response to FAWG’s request for help in reporting “How our money is spent” Dan C & Josh E will post the data on the blog. The data will be accessible via an embed link in the blog under Info/GA/Financial.

11. John Murphy, Jay Kelly and Rene has been invited to the Sat. 3/24 Media Strategy meeting to discuss A1

12. The new “coverage” form is not being used. To resolve the problem Gunner will ask Farhad to market the form by posting a blog post.

13. OBIT informed us that they are beta testing a Forum at V2dev.group.occupyboston.org. The Forum will replace the Group site. OBIT wants feedback internally before public roll out.

14. Dan C. will approach the Library and Issue Research WGs to discuss ways to help working groups “fact check” their media releases and direct action plans.

The meeting ended at 8:55PM