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No specific agenda for OBIT and OBM meeting.

April 11, 2012

Media working group Gunner: media Farahd mwg: agenda items talking about featured campaigns general strike working group reached out to obm & OBIT Dan: mwg: would like to talk about campaign chris radio: haning out until broadcast liz: no working group Kendra: obit media radio tracy: obit, media live dana: ross: obit campaign feature james: sob sarah with radio matt facilitation michael facilitation jess TV brandon obit radio would like to talk about new list of "everyone email list" the campaign feature and the new groups website john: there's been a change to the website debra: been involved with media I hopped on to mobile food working group making sure multiple people have access to authority to avoid bottle neck mikey: new

OBIT Media trying to communicate with other groups that fall under the media umbrella. Discussing joint multi media meeting, no day was picked.

Brandon: clarify that the first weds of each month for joint obit media meeting, next one may 2nd.

Feature campaigns:

Ross: Multi feature interface is significantly more complicated than starting with just one campaign. Is that a feasible short term goal, running a single campaign display up relatively quickly?

fahrad: Nervous about picking even three campaigns much less bringing it down to one campaign.

brandon: Suggested query slider.

Dana: so this is a way for people to engage get involved etc.

Gunner: so can we have a landing page at which all issues represented organized by using categories in word press.

Ross: We're going to have to go with step by step interface, actually integrating with categories may be more complicated.

Gunner: could we arrange for a category just for campaigns

Fahrahd: sounds like we have pieces in place we just need the slider

Ross: we could add a see all campaigns link as well. seems like everything can be handled on the back end, we just need someone to make the banner

Eli: with media: would like to see the campaign page authority given to the group in question rather than having them produce their own page. Asking campaigns what they need, I think it would be more effective if it lived under occupy boston rather than have their own page.

sarah: we should address this, you can't force them to use what they don't want to use, if you want them back into the fold you have to give them toolsd and make them accessible.

Ross: it's not the tools it's the permissions, access etc. I don't know if we have, I'm actualy not sure if it's the best platform.

KC: SEO for every one spread the word via smaller blogs

Eli: we have all of this organic traffic, we should leverage some of this traffic, to this massive information structure

KC: I can help with social media

Eli: internal outreach talk to working groups about

Sarah: is that handled by the tiwtter group

Eli: that's handled by ob media and left a few others

Sarah: how would someone get into that

Eli: you would need to get in touch with me

Gunner: We've talked about feature campaigns: the other focus would be to talk to people who are starting campaigns and get in touch with them about what they're working on, and either get working on getting the content or moving the campaigns forward.

Ross: Should we have a permission for hosting but not posting.

Eli: that's not a thing already, going to the GA page rather than front.

Brandon: that roll does exist it's called contributor

Eli: no I want posts to be published to certain pages but not the homepage

Fahrahd: another way of thinking about it is if there was a ga category, it would go through to the GA page rather than the main page.

Sarah: is there a way to make permissions just for that page

Gunner: this goes to what matt was talking about

Matt: Right now I have author access to just the GA webpage, we're looking at how to say what proposals are coming up, or if there is a talk coming up, we can schedule that in as well. On the one hand it's how often we are able to predict what is coming up, I wasn't sure if we wanted guide lines for how to use the page, or if we are changning things, how that would come up.

Gunner: input for guidelines would be great

Matt: if there's a way to keep the blogroll from having posts from other pages to the front page.

Michael: The context for this being that we wanted to give folks some kind of notice for coming down.

Gunner: Summarize the content and...

Sarah: Can we just make it a tab at the top?

Fahrad: Look at all the information on the website and look at how active and what pages are engaging the community

Brandon: I agree with fahrad resist the urge to add more top level items to the menu, we're running out of spage on the front spage.

Dana: as the weather is nicer and as we do more outreach so I think the coming up outreach and events for GA would be increasingly important.

KC: adding a link to consensus process link

Fahrad: like a footer

Brandon: time check

Gunner: is it posisble to add the slider

Ross: If someone could try a design and pass it along.

Dana: I could do a design for that

Ross: Dana's on it.

Gunner: How far do we hold off on meeting up.

Brandon/ Eli: have dana do the design we can temp check via email

Dana: content is up to facilitation 2nded by gunner

Gunner: students

James: Students OB is in the process of setting up their website, we wanted to get on y'alls radar in terms of coordinating campaigns and evetns as well.

Eli: When you're live email we can work for cross posting etc.

Michael: Quick question, was looking at the site for information on seperate schools,

James: we've been seperate from ob and are working on taking down dated information

Gunner: Word press glitches:

Brandon: we recently changed to the varnish configuration, when you're going to OB.org you're not in contact with teh OB site you're in contact with varnish, possibly revert that change until we can isolate those bugs and get them fixed.

Dana: Is that why forms weren't being saved

Brandon: possibly, I've gotten the mobile version of the site, gotten a few other major issues.

Ross: it is plausible for us to have an editor URL .that would allow them to publish content on a backend site, we would redirect everything that was admin to another domain.

Brandon: varnish decreases page load by an order of magnitude

Michael: is there a test version of the site that you can make changes to prior to actually making changes to the site.

brandon: can that go to the wiki

Gunner: if you have this seperate site that editors go to to login to, we could just email the editors and let them know what they need to do now.

John: I guess

Gunner: would you still be able to use the wordpress ap on the ipad?

Ross: idealy you login and it redirects you, we would probably just have a redirect from a new IP

Eli: I just want to make sure there are no consequences for donig it this way

Ross: I don't think there will be issues, I think that there may be a problem with the WP config, but editing will be the same.

Everyone email list: Ross: The one that actually is list.ob.org the one that is connected to any mailing list that we have, but I think this applies to all of them. I don't know how many of those have the same amount of email address, duplicates, etc. Brandon's question about bottlenecks current process has everyone emailing ross.

Gunner: the question becomes what becomes and email to everyone, and who makes that decision.

Ross: Rather, how do we develope a process in a democratic fashion.

Eli: our current procedure for sms, is that if we check the message and gets three positive temp checks it goes out, if it gets one negative among them, it has to get five positive, if more than two negative it has to go back to OBM. There are politics at play to make sure that it's accoutable and accesible, it's also a matter of practicality.

Dana: OB groups, are we superseding this process to go to the entire listing. Whoever is authorized, needs to put all this together. facilitation media etc.

Michael: in corporate world, administrative exchange server, didn't want folks to have to go through all of hte long email threads, in corp world it's okay to restrict information, we need to think about what it is that's going out to everyone.

Eli: If you look at what lists already exist, we have a daily anyone that wants to be involved, working group lists, and open lists, the only need here in my opinion for a mass message would be an emergency, like our sms text list. There's no way to do that right now. One thing that got left out was the ob updates, because we're judicious about what we can and cant' send. I think it should be just for emergencies and have some kind of accountability process.

Farhard: I was thinking about the SMS stuff, it occured to me that this list is an aggregate, not something that people specifically signed up for. There's a challenge as to whether or not people feel like they are a part of the community rather than something they signed up for specifically.

Brandon: the thing I was going to clarify, was we're not really at danger of falling into giant email threads, it is configured as announce only.

Ross: I know how I feel about decision making process, vehemently opposed to having control over content, we need to make it so that media and OBIT cannot soley handle this process. I have a different view of what should be availble to this list, any working group that needs to communicate with other working groups should be able to do that in a conciencious manner. A usable piece of technology for any working group that needs to communicate with other working groups. In addendum to being more complicated, you can just unsubsribe to the big list just like the updates list.

Eli: everyone is added to it?

Ross: if you sign up for a list, you are automatically added to the list

John: would it be possible to add to a back door to the groups, coming from this one address the emails would not be modded out. Dana had explained that the emails would be bounced back, coming from this address they wouldn't be bounced back.

Dana: the issue would be that there would be redundancy between groups, by sending out one time only mailing, temperature check via email. Give the option to opt out. In the interst of transparency do the opt out email.

Eli: Similar to what Dana said, vehemently opposed to this being a non-opt in process. it violates can't spam, we can bypass by providing an opportunity to opt out.

Brandon: I wanted to clarify again, that each mesage that goes out on this list is appended with the typical unsubscribe inforamtion.

Jess: I guess I have a concern about security, if we centralize we want to be sure that data isn't borrowed.

Fahrahd: I feel that (to eli) there are substantial differences between the lists that makes this particular mail all list effective. HTere is utility there.

Dan: want to ask if this has been used before.

Brandon: Dans q. it's been used to send out an announcement about A4 and the Obit community gathering, maube once more, regarding security, it's stored on May1st heavily encrypted, we aren't moving any data, there is no data that can be leaked.

Jess: is that giving admins too much power that they can send emails and access the controll panel. Not unlike sully (sms).

Brandon: all the lists do have admins, all of the emails are exposed to a certain extent, it does create a choke point, those admins would have access to that information.

Gunner: rotating email list responsibility time check. Does anyone want to put together a proposal?

Brandon and Dana put together a proposal to take to the GA, have facilitation and inreach take a look as well, bring it to the next meeting. Brandon, thinks we'll have something together before the next joint meeting on May 2nd.

New Group Sites: Brandon: We're trying to develope a new group site, the development model we're using requires that people are actually using hte new one and giving feedback. Request that folks try it out and give it feedback. The v2dev.groups.occupyboston.org groups site, look at blogs and forums features that need a look taken at it.

Ross: try for our sake to avoid waiting to get int ouch about it, make noise immediately on the site.

obm meeting:

agenda: report backs mac reservation press response guidelines upcoming events tax day request log finance update proposal fahard announcement

Jess: would like a point person or plan of action for reserving the mac, we are interested in putting this together, David would like ot have a workshop on 5.5 would like a system in place.

Is there a booking procedure in place? Would like to put together a procedure.

Liam: Lets get the ball rolling on a procedure, talked to brandon from OBIT, if we could just get a point person on booking. Just need a liason in media to handle the ticketing procedure. Can Liam work with Brandon to get a system in place for booking the media mac.

Liam: I would say that folks coming in should clarify that folks working on the mac should give a time frame. we should get a booking system in place.

Jess: it's media's computer would request that media handle it. If I give people in TV your email to help arrange.

Debra: Sounds like it may be used to just hang out on the internet,

Jess: live document online constantly updating.

Debra; By having the posted schedule we are retraining people to recognize that this is a working computer.

Need to work out some kind of sign up arrangement

Press response guidelines: Eli: what happened was I've been meaning to put together guidelines on how we respond to press. Would like to help, the importance of it came up this week, when someone responded this week to a press request, this week. could have been avoided if that person who'd received a press request have a procedure in place. We need people who are comfortable with the press, but we need to have the procedures in place to.

Debra: I'd be happy to work on it, google doc to go back and forth.

Eli: the issue of the media email address, been slow in rolling it out.

Fahrad: if you want to get together in person and talk about this it would work

Gunner: put it out to the media list.

Upcoming events: Request log, while looking at request log

Finance update: Fahrad: there's been some tension and miscommunication regarding david ludlows donation of 2k a month to media, and how it's being used. Fahrhad talked to david and absolved some of the concerns, making him more of a team member than someone that has a hand on the tap.

Upcoming events: Stop n shop Martin rally lecture series thursday Tax day on 17th general strike on 5.1

Sarah: followed procedure didn't go out

Dan: we had several different versions coming in, was told not to post it

Sarah: as someone who's looking into the sytem, it's very confusing, I went through the procedure.

Fahrahd: systems were failing we didn't know we weren't getting the request, total breakdown.

Sarah: from not having the context of the breakdown, wanted to get a contact to know what was going on, should haev been made aware.

Faharad: we didn't have a procedure in place to contact everyone and let them know that things weren't working, and that they'd started working again.

Dan: is there a way to build in confirmation?

Fahrahd & sarah: confirmation built in.

Sarah, debra, fahrahd: talking about logistics behind the issues with this particular problem. updates going out on the above issue.

Gunner has a proposal for how to spend the money:

Writing assignments: May 1st:

Howard zin: This is on Friday

tax day:

From here on in, have it so that we copy edit rather than write the blog post entirely.

Eli: media hits: have a google alert set up to keep better track of media mentions in the news.

Discussing how long we can pay in advance for rent.

Dan: procedure need a quarum

Liam; we'd never had a quarum of 12

Eli: can we change it to 10? Then revote next week.

Gunner: proposal to pay for rent has been amended to pay through July, rather than August.

Sarah: E5 would like an occupy presence willing to reduce the rent, proposal to include OB taking on half of the rent, since the media group is paying for E5 soley now. Cut costs for media, as well as bring in the occupy presencc.

Liam: sarah bring to GA

Sarah: I will bring it to GA

Liam: can we settle up for April

Gunner: I would amend this proposal to settle up for april, and take in the occupy proposal for half of the rent as they would be using half of the space per Sarah's proposal.

Media seems to be okay with it.

Liam: address the fact that the community should be in some way responsible for the space since they're using it.

Gunner: recap. we pay 400 for april, then bring a proposal to GA with FOG for a cubicle to allow for media training and community. Media would split the rent with OB 200 per month a piece, through July.