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The 2/8/12 meeting started at 7:05 PM


Josh, Bil, Eli, Elizabeth, John, Martin, Deborah Butler, Deborah Sirotkin Butler, Jorge Farhad, Dan, Bob Rene, Rachel Jess Liam Kendra, Gunnar, Lefty

Draft Guidelines for the Texting Cell/Share Copies of Wiki Page:

Eli read a policy for texting guidelines. Temp checked process. WG approved. Decided only a small number of people will be authorized to send texts. Nominations will be solicited on listserv.

Email nominations for the 4 individuals can be sent to join@voices2votes.com

Publicize FAWG PowerPoint budget work:

Renee will check with FAWG for approval to use their PowerPoint presentation. Rationale is transparency. A small post on Wiki. Gunner will speak to FAWG re: their intent for publicity (framing) and talking points for the Greenway.

Designate MWG member to FAWG budget meeting Friday:

DSB and Eli will attend the FAWG meeting this Friday.

Do FAWG form for Friday due 2/9/12:

FAWG Budget form is due:

1. Need 2 hard drives for $500 each,

2. Celli is FREE,

3. Hotspots $50 per/mo per/hotspot. Need to replace a broken Hotspot 4 $50;

4. Rent at $400 per month;

5. Event budget of $1000.

6. Material $500 per year ;

7. Press p asses $80 per year

8. Travel in MA $2,500

9. Equipment 5K

Notes: Spaces Meeting will be this Fri at 6:00 pm (we need space to store the equipment)

$2k per month from a single donor (for use in campaigns)

Strategic Planning initiative/distribute WIKI on this:


Blog posts/media needed:

a. Student summit 2/12/12 Josh/DSB Due Thurs.

b. International O Creative Day of Action DSB/Gunner -Due Fri

c. Occupy the T (2/13/12) Josh/Bob Note: Rally at 4:30; Mtg. at 6:00 pm. Eli to see Bret for Live Streaming Dan to do HTV video. DVG to draft the post-blog post

d. St. Patrick's Peace March;

e Farhard/Rachel to find someone in WG

f. One other event will be submitting a Media Form

Referred a story to the Occupier (Deadline 2/9)

Final “super form” and distribution/publicizing/training plan:

Dan can pull together a "Draft" process quide lines for super form to replace the Blog press release form. Will reside on the external Media list.

Media Community Gathering will be discussed next week

Any listserv or email issues:

List drops names. Martin brought this up with OBIT

(Editor's note: There was also a proposal passed stating that anybody with access to the OB Calendar would be *required* to be on the calendar mailing list. I'm a little confused by what made it into the notes under "Other Issues", but I wanted to make sure -- again -- that the record shows that we actually reached consensus to require this.)

Report on the social media meeting Saturday:

The meeting did not happen. Future media meetings will be held at Boston Public Library

Reports/Requests by or from video/TV/radio:

Jess from OBTV asked for $250 to purchase traveling hard drive to replace Jess' hard-drive. Gunner spoke in favor of expenditure due to his conversation with the donor. The request was approved. Josh will contact Josha Eaton for money. The WG agreed that there should be a strategic plan for future requests for donations.

Other issues:

Eli reported that the OB Twitter account was compromised. Lefty is working on the issue. Eli has changed the password and will replace the current g-mail address with an Occupy Boston email address. Martin will call his Twitter contacts for help. Farhad suggested that social media Administrators should be responsible to help administer calendar events. A member of the WG suggested that an “Editor” status be added in addition to the Administrator Status.

(Editor's note: There was a proposal passed to switch our main contact from gmail.com to occupyboston.org, and Eli agreed to take point on implementation. The implementation part made it into the notes, but I wanted to make sure that the record shows that we actually reached consensus to do this.)

Meeting ended at 9:05 PM