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- *Website campaign feature task force - Brett, Farhad, Joshua, Dan*

  - *Greenway emails - Joshua*
  - *Text admin list - Ariel*
  - *OBIT / Communication - John*
  - *Anna / Daily Digest Reboot - Farhad*
  - *Volunteer information form on the website - Farhad*
  - *Contact info for volunteers - Joshua will send to John, John will
  start reaching out*
  - *"What do we need from volunteers" collaborative doc - Joshua will
  send out, and we'll all contribute (yes, even you)*
  - *Video editing training - **Bil, Deb, and Rene*
  - *Rebooting the multimedia bubble! - Rene*
  - *Universal set of guidelines Task Force - Josh, Farhad, and Dan*
  - *Occupy Lent*
     - *Send out Occupy Lent press release - Joshua*
     - *Contact David to film - Josh*
     - *Wrangle livestreamers - Dan*
     - *Photography - Deb*
  - *Occupy the MBTA (Saturday March / Rally)*
     - *Press release*
        - *Writing - Josh*
        - *Editing - Deb*
     - *HD video - Dan*
     - *Post-event blog*
        - *Writing - Deb*
        - *Editing - Dan*
     - *Livestream - covered*
  - *Check with Jess for help with editing MBTA Hearing video - Josh*
  - *Community Gathering - Decolonize to Liberate Press release*
     - *Farhad will investigate to see if they're able to write one BUT

In attendance: Farhad - Facilitator, Bil, Joshua, Dan - notetaker, Josh, JoJo, John, Deb S B, Brett, Rene, Ariel, Nick

  • Things from last week*
  - Article Compilation - Deb B (not present) and Matt (not present):
     - Deb and Matt working to compile articles about OB from the last 5

  - Website campaign Feature - Brett:
     - Brought it to OBIT
     - OBIT'd like to make sure that whoever is working on this feature
     will be meeting with / working with OBIT so that there's no website
     - Questions: How are campaigns selected?  Who will create the content
     for each campaign?
        - Maybe ask each group that is spearheading
        - Occupy the T, Vita Urbana, Strike, M17,
     - *We'll create a Task Force to work on this issue*
        - Brett, Farhad, Joshua, Dan
      - Greenway Emails - Joshua
     - *Tonight or tomorrow ("I promise")*
  - Text admin
     - *Ariel still needs to sign up*
  - Contacting OBIT about comm issues
     - *John hasn't yet contacted OBIT; we'll follow up next week when
     Gunner is here*
  • Status of YouTube Account - Eli (rollover)*
  • Daily Digest Volunteer - Gunner (rollover)*
  - Anna interested in picking up the Daily Digest again
     - Has been working with Inreach / Info, which would be able to take
     on the Daily Digest again
     - Anna will need blog access
     - Will it be duplicative of the Rundown?
        - John: No
     - Daily vs. weekly vs. a few times a week (such as post-GA? Rollover
     proposals that will be coming up at the next GA?)
     - Liaison between Anna and Media WG and Facilitation: Farhad
  • Superform Guidelines - Dan*
  - *We'll send it out over the listserv and workshop it*
  - *Just kidding, we changed this later*
  • Open House - Nick*
  - If Media WG will be attending the Open House on April 2, we'll need to
  furnish a short description.
     - Used the opening sentence of the mission statement
  - Also, Nick needs help doing outreach to talk to church groups,
  knitting clubs, book clubs, etc.
  • FAWG and Media - Gunner (rollover)*
  • Volunteers - John*
  - If people would like to volunteer for Media WG, John would like to
  take point so that we can make sure to keep our Media team strong; right
  now, we're not doing enough to expand; we need new faces!
  - John, in particular, will need assistance with the Rundown
  - Farhad: Inreach/Info will be more active in bringing in volunteers;
  Info had been a great intro for volunteers
     - Terra may also be attempting to coordinate volunteers
  - Deb: We should be proactive about having someone to outreach to
  volunteers when we have GAs outside, big events, etc.
  - *Farhad: Look into creating a volunteer information form on the website
  - We need to make sure that if we have people showing up for meetings to
  give them some kind of assignment—people show up to WG meetings looking for
  something to do!
  - Joshua has a lot of media contact lists; should we go through the list
  and try to contact them?
  - John: We also need fresh contacts
  - *Joshua will send contact info to John; John will start reaching out
  to people*
  - Farhad: Volunteers is a "needs and resources" question—what do we need
  volunteers for?
     - Multimedia
  - *Joshua will send out a Google Doc for us to collaborate on: "Where do
  we need people?" -*Data will be collected, presented, and analyzed
  - Idea: mentor folks… if we have new volunteers, they should be shown
  how to complete the task
  • Rebooting Multimedia - Rene*
  - If an action happens, there needs to be video coverage!  We need
  4-minute video clips of actions that get out AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE
  - We need to archive these pieces of footage
  - Farhad: Two challenges…getting out work from Media WG, and
  coordinating and publicizing people who send us their own footage
  - We also need to figure other things out, like who owns the footage?
     - Creative commons!
  - Deb: Maybe publicize some trainings, such as on video editing!
  - Can we publicize OBTV trainings?
     - Yes, but those are also more "specialized" equipment, which perhaps
     a lot of people may not have access to
  - *Bil and Deb and Rene will be collaborating to plan a training*
  - *Rene will take point on rebooting the multimedia bubble!*
  • Youtube Issues - Eli (rollover)*
  • Post-event Blog posting - Josh*
  - These may be a capacity problem, not a guideline problem
  - Frequently, we end up having blog posts sit in limbo, sometimes
  without them being assigned
  - This is somewhat a response to autonomous posting and publishing
  - We also need to make sure that they get out as quickly as possible
     - Counterpoint - we should update as frequently as possible, whether
     they're old or not
  - We need to figure out editing better, too
     - We need teams of two, not group editing
  - In general, we need a universal set of guidelines that can kind of be
  something that can be referenced
  - We don't have enough writers… we need more who can go to events and
  then write about that event
  - PROPOSAL: We need to try to not bite off more than we can chew
  - If we do post-event followup, it should be mainly in the form of
  photos and video
     - Counterpoint: This is out history; we should write about it as much
     as possible
     - Also, posts can be backdated—they don't need to show up on the
     front page!
  - *Farhad, Josh, Dan will create a task force to figure out guidelines*
  - On post-event guidelines, we need to make sure to explain expectations
  to writers
  - We'll also want to have new folks start off as "contributor" status on
  the blog
  • Upcoming events*
  - Youth Jobs Rally
     - We don't know anything about it and it's tomorrow, so there's not
     enough lead-time to get this done
  - Occupy Lent:
     - Press release has already been written
        - Should it be sent out for the first time, or should it wait
        until after the second time?
     - Every Friday during Lent at the Bank of America at 8am
     - Liturgy of repentance…
     - There's nothing that needs to be done… the press release will be
     sent out ASAP
     - Josh wil contact David re: video
     - Dan will send out livestream info
     - Deb - photographer
  - Occupy the MBTA, 12pm, Copley
     - Josh = writing press release, copyedit by Deb
     - Dan= HD video
     - Deb = post-writing; Dan=copyedit
     - Livestream is covered
     - Contact = John Murphy
  - Occupy the MBTA - Josh
     - -We need more video footage of stories from people who share their
     stories about reliance on the MBTA
        - edit into 1-2 minute video, then another that's longer
           - Josh will check with Jess
         - Community Gathering - Decolonize to Liberate
     - Press release
        - Could they draft something that we could copyedit?
           - *Farhad will investigate BUT WILL DO NO MORE THAN THAT*
         - F29
     - National action against ALEC
     - Next Wednesday
     - Not worth a press release unless something big happens
        - But perhaps a blog post, especially if it's on the "aggregate"
           - *Joshua will write an aggregate F29 piece (rollover)*
        - Also include in Media Rundown
  • M17 Action Spokes*
  - There are a few things that we need to discuss...
  - Dan is the spoke
  - Resolved, that Media WG supports the idea of the Radical Revolutionary Tour and that

Media WG supports the idea of having some form of assembly, not necessarily a GA, in a more public, accessible location on March 17