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*[[WG/OBIT/Minutes/120520 | May 20]]
*[[WG/OBIT/Minutes/120520 | May 20]]
*[[WG/OBIT/Minutes/120530 | May 30]]
*[[WG/OBIT/Minutes/120530 | May 30]]
*[[WG/OBIT/Minutes/120610 | Jun 10]]
=== How Tos===
=== How Tos===

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Occupy Boston Information Technology Group

Welcome to OBIT, serving Occupy Boston's information and technology needs!

Best Contacts: obit@occupyboston.org

Mailing list: obit@lists.mayfirst.org (info)

IRC channel: #OccupyBoston on irc.indymedia.org

Internal IRC channel: #OccupyBostonIT

To Register a Support Ticket

Online Chat (fastest way to get support)

Working Group Meetings

If you would like to jump right into OBIT, come to one of our working group meetings.

We meet Wednesdays and Sundays at 7PM at Encuentro Cinco, 33 Harrison Avenue 5th Floor, Boston. If for some instance we can't use e5, we usually move the meeting to City Place, in the Transportation Building on Stuart Street near Tremont Street.


Meeting Notes



How Tos

Internal Procedures


Ross is here

Randy is too. All the other OBITeurs are zombies?