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At the 18 October 2011 a resolution was passed to move working groups off of Google Groups, and to transition to May First/People Link as a hosting provider.  May First is a non-profit cooperative ISP.

Since that time, the OccupyBoston IT group (OBIT) have transitioned more than 70 email accounts and 35 mailing lists to May First.  We have also transitioned away from Wikispaces (a third party wiki provider) to our own wiki, and we are also developing new working group services.

As our infrastructure needs grow, we are consuming more resources at May First, who currently provides this service to us for free.  This proposal would have Occupy Boston pay May First for a "dedicated server", which is a computer that is not shared with any others and solely dedicated to Occupy Boston.  This will allow us even more autonomy as well as room to grow.ver.


The Occupy Boston Information Technology Working Group proposes that, in order to help Occupy Boston's online presence and infrastructure to continue to grow, $@@ be paid monthly to May First/People Link.  In return, May First/People Link will provide us with a virtual server with more resources.  This virtual server will not be shared amongst the other May First/People Link members, and thus give Occupy Boston more control over how the server is configured and used.