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IRC (Internet Chat) Guide

This page is a WIP


What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a popular method for chatting over the internet with large groups of people. It can also be used for two people to chat privately. It's pretty awesome.

On IRC chat rooms are called "channels". Channels are designated with a '#' symbol before their name. For example, the Occupy Boston channel is called #occupyboston.

IRC Channels are found on IRC Networks. There are many different IRC networks on the internet. Some examples of IRC networks are Indymedia and Freenode. IRC networks do not typically communicate with eachother, so if you join the channel #occupyboston on Freenode, you will not be able to chat with people in the #occupyboston channel on Indymedia.

While IRC is very powerful and flexible, it's not necessary to dive into the advanced commands to simply chat with your working group.

Quick & Easy

Connecting via your web browser

The easiest way to connect to IRC and start chatting is through the main website at [[1]]. Simply navigate to the Occupy Boston homepage and click the "Chat" link, or click here: [[2]].

Joining a channel

Common IRC Commands

Advanced Topics

Connecting with a desktop client

Registering your nick

Administering a channel