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Here's a list of bugs I've found in the /Take2// pages.

There's a messed up link to a google doc here: Take2//About

The "based on" links are broken for articles with spaces in the titles: Take2//Amendment_for_Peace

TOC's are added where there wasn't one originally (but this is probably a good thing): Take2//Anti-Oppression

Take2//Anti-Oppression_Workshop_Agenda_-_October_16,_2011 has several bugs:

  • check out the youtube link, something weird is up there.  Some html make it's way in too.
  • The table doesn't have outlines
  • in section 7, the bullets are messed up, not sure what happened here.

Headers and bullets don't mix well: Take2//Bank_Transfer_Day

Obviously widgety things arent working (this will probably have to be done manually): Take2//Chat

mail-to links are broken: Take2//Contact

I think there's an anchor on this page which is getting turned into a link: Take2//CostOfLiving

Something is messed up with the TOC here: Take2//Ext._Text

There's a superfluous '>' here: Take2//External_Technology_Support

I'm not sure what's going on here: Take2//Faith_and_Spirituality.  It looks like they've got '+' in the internal links and it might be causing some problems?  I'm not sure but it looks like one page was appended to another.

Color isn't being preserved (not here anyway): Take2//FSU

The itemization at the bottom of this page didn't work right: Take2//GA_Process_Proposals

the "contact us" link at the bottom of this is borked: Take2//Logistics

some rogue html ended up here: Take2//Proportional_Representation