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  • Uncompleted Tasks
  • NLG SMS thing
  • Students Occupy & Groups
  • Media Email
  • POFFs
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Volunteer Calendar
  • OB Radio
  • Status Update on Documentation
  • Wednesday Training, 6PM
  • Mail archives

If there's a problem with the site, start a ticket at support.mayfirst.org (OpenID).

Uncompleted Tasks

  • Ren: Contacting working groups w/o wiki pages was fairly successful.
  • Reed & Matt will take on the email documentation
  • Dana: List & wiki documentation is a work in progress.
  • Recommended email settings did not get sent out to obgroups
  • There are forums on the drupal site now. What do we do with that?
  • Matt: OpenID on the wiki, started, not finished. Failing for some reason.
  • Etherpad: on group landing pages, still in progress.


  • NLG & Legal want an SMS list to notify legal observers. SMS is Reed's thing so he's on this with G and Legal. Right now there's a script which checks a POP mailbox for emails, and forwards them to a list of phone # (with carriers) to forward that mail to the phones.

Student's Occupy

  • Reed has been approached by the student's group and they're interested in our group's site. We haven't been engaged too much with students, but now they're interested. They should be invited to contribute to our wiki (they've got their own wiki) and the groups site.

Media WG Mail

  • Brandon: Media's email is messed up, so we'll fix it up and get them back on the right track.

POFFs (Pods of Friendly Friends)

  • Ross: Aria wants small groups (on groups.ob.org) that are geolocated so that people can find groups nearby (on the Mass. scale, not for marches!). Not affiliated directly with direct action. We'll have to create a new content type on drupal, and installing drupal's open layers. Each group can geolocate themselves, user logs on and selects their own region, others can see a map with the surrounding groups.
  • Dana: is this for making friends or looking for resources?
  • Ross: both!
  • Ross: 2-4 hours we could probably have this going. It will require a groups.ob.org account.

Volunteer Coordination

  • Dana: I spoke with Kevin from the info tent, with regards to the aftermath of the summit. One idea for volunteers with a low level of equipment is to get folks to take marine batteries home & recharge them. We can do the backpack swapping thing.
  • Dana: In terms of volunteer coordination is there anything you guys need?
  • Matt: Wiki overseers, bucket brigade moderation!
  • Dana: If you write up what you need, I can take it forward to the volunteer people.
  • Reed: What about pairing off volunteers with people who have been more involved?

Groups Aesthetics

  • Matt: I will try to investigate changing the calendar to show only upcoming events.
  • Leftyfb: The content looks like walls of text.

Volunteer Calendar

  • Ross: Terra asked for a way that working groups can put in a time, a shift time, and a task that they need a volunteer for, volunteers to see the open slots. Should probably be on groups.

OB Radio

  • Ross: Icecast server is already setup on mayfirst.
  • Brandon: Do you have to use that python script (mobi)?
  • Reed: I've successfully used darkice.
  • How do we setup icecast to cycle through a playlist?
  • Do we just have a list of channels people are sending to the icecast server, or just one channel with an editorial staff?
  • Talk to Nat on #mayfirst
  • We have a drupal module to act as the player.
  • Documentation for getting an icecast source up and running.

Media Sidetrack

  • Ross: We should have a bigger discussion about the media situation. We have the skills and resources to make the media more independent.

Mail Archives

  • Matt: There should be a pretty front end mail archives.