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  • Ross, Brandon (notes), Dana, Steven, Jared

Apache2/PHP Segfaults (unfreezing Wordpress)

  • No more segfaults and varnish is on!
  • Wordpress plugins are unfrozen!
  • Remove Google Analytics, install CAPTCHA


  • Closing piwik user account ticket.
  • Update Wordpress:
    • Ross: I updated some plugins, but not wordpress as a whole.
  • Disabled Google Analytics

V-Day Email

  • Sent an email to Lydia, Greg, and Eli, trying to meet Tomorrow (Monday).
  • We can use an ad-hoc email list to blast out the email.

Groups / Forums

  • Is Drupal the right tool for what we want to do? What is it doing now, and can we make it look pretty?
  • We should look at the survey and figure out what to do with groups.
  • Then we should have another hackday.

Communication Survey

  • We should have an online version as well.
    • We'll implement it on groups.
    • Add a short url to it at occupyboston.org/survey
  • (CiviCRM would make this so much easier)
  • We'll pass this out on Tuesday (& Thursday)'s GA.
  • Bring pens. (Ross has a huge box).
  • Friday will be the deadline.