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Wiki Spam

  • Steven has been working on taking care of the spam.
  • Kizmut made some templates for spam pages.
  • Brandon disabled the MediaWiki Write API but that hasn't done anything.

Community Gathering

  • It's been moved up a week.
  • We had previously decided that we should start planning that today.
  • Ideas:
    • A Showcase which clarifies the difference between the free software movement and "shareware" or "free as in beer".
      • Dana can put together a presentation on LibreOffice / Free Software & hand out USB copies.
    • "Sometimes it's better software but that's not the point."
    • Perhaps start the conversation with an analogy to Bank of America
    • We'll have to arrange food.
      • Brandon will do some research on food.
      • Middle East gives those platters for 1/5 off.
    • Should we also use this time for training?
    • Can we invite the FSF to come? Possibly speak?
      • Dana can talk to some friends to the FSF
    • Perhaps a music performance created using free software?
    • Can we do a security culture demonstration?
      • Live packsniffing / wireshark
      • Third party cookies, etc.
      • Steven can work on the live demo.
    • We can bring USB sticks with free software (LibreOffice) with Mac & Linux versions.
  • Equipment:
    • Projector / Screen
      • Dana can bring these but he doesn't have a car to move them.
      • Maybe the church has a screen?
    • Two laptops
    • Internet
      • Is there internet at St. Paul's?
      • If there's not any there, we need to bring some.
        • Would Media be willing to let us use a hotspot for the evening?
        • Brandon will look into this.
    • Food

Open House Description

  • We are the technology activists who provide the IT backbone of Occupy Boston.

Research Wiki

  • Should Ravi's project have to go before GA for approval, because it's not OB specific.
  • Because it shouldn't impact OB services, it probably doesn't have to go before GA. Ravi should announce this at GA though.

Occupy MBTA

  • They've started a Wordpress account to blog. Should we be helping them with this?
  • Should we install a multi-site instance of wordpress?
    • Let's incorporate those features into Groups v2.

Groups v2

  • phpbb & vanilla integration into drupal don't seem to be as miraculous as we'd hoped.
  • Perhaps we should look into drupal forums again.
    • Let's examine the Advanced Forums module in drupal

Wireless Access Points

  • We got a donation of 5 WAPs.

Ticket #52 Meeting

  • Dana can't do anything this week, but next week is OK.
  • Sunday before OBIT?
  • Wednesday during OBIT?