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  • Ross, Dana, Steven, Kendra, Brandon (notes), Jeremy

Media's Plugin


  • The Decolonize to Liberate folks want a website. Brandon told them that they should come meet with OBIT to discuss it.

Ideas / Research Wiki

  • They want a MediaWiki install.
    • They'll probably want to install bizarre MediaWiki extensions.
  • We can probably set it up for them.
  • Dana: Maybe a wiki isn't the best solution for what they want?
  • Ross: Really, they want a qualitative research engine.
    • Take all the ideas they've compiled and categorize them.
    • Look at patterns of communication.
  • Dana: we should meet with these folks to discuss what they need. I'll get in touch with them.
  • Jeremy wants in on this project.


  • Ross: in my haste to get our dedicated server (Attucks) up and running I used a copy of another server implementation which is designed for a single hosted site using mod_php (not FastCGI). mod_php means that if we have multiple domains on the same server all the sites are at risk for resource allocation problems. Also, all sites could be vulnerable to security wholes in other sites.
    • Should we modify Attucks, should we have multiple hosts on Attucks? Should we just take the risk?
    • We still have access to Boggs, and might be able to get another server.
    • CiviCRM in particular might cause resource contention problems without mod_php.
  • Steven: whats the process to switch from mod_php to FastCGI?
    • Ross: not too difficult, but I always expect fallout.
  • Steven: can we also do port natting?
    • Ross: I think so.
    • Steven: so we can have apache running on different ports?
    • Ross: I think so, but varnish inserts another level of complication here.
  • Ross: Brandon & I will be going to NYC to talk with Mayfirst folks this weekend, and we'll bring this topic up. We'll report back what they recommend.

Community Gathering

  • March 26th
  • Ross: are we going to bring Media in? It seems to me like we have an argument to explore with them.
  • There's a lot of stuff in the notes from last week about this.
  • How do we keep it from being a nerdfest?
    • Kendra: make sure we break it up into maybe 30 minute chunks and engage the other working groups.
  • Brandon: we could get Steve (mv) to livestream from Mexico.
  • We could do a live radio broadcast & have a dance party.
    • Dana knows some music folks.
  • We should talk about power (particularly in the context of tech and media).
  • Dana: we should do a demo of LibreOffice.
  • Ross: It'd be interesting to demonstrate a free software community.
    • Brandon: because the community at large isn't going to be super interested in reading emacs bug reports, can we find some analogy, have the community break up into groups and try to solve a problem with that analogy.
    • Ross: we could use Jeremy's General Will to do that.
  • Ross will talk with Media.

Groups v2

  • People should go in and play with it, then we should make up a plan before we implement.
  • When are we going to actually start doing this planning for groups?
  • Ross: we should have a hack day.
    • We'll do Sat. the 10th at 11AM.

Occupy The Farm

  • Ross: as part of Occupy the Farm we're doing a bus tour that's going to start June 1st, and we're going to try to build "twee-vees" which are low end computers which have a webcam & a screen. You hit a button and it quickly records a video and it gets posted to youtube or something. The idea is to put these into some rural community centers.
    • So Occupy The Farm is requesting six or seven of OBIT's 28 computers to donate.
  • We voted to donate seven of our computers.

OB Training

  • Should we have a regular training/teaching session?
  • We should talk with Techschange about bringing in non-OB folks.
  • Ross: can we have an install party?
    • Leftyfb would be good to talk with about that.
  • Maybe we can commit to do three sessions.
  • Sessions should be recorded and available.
  • Let's have the first one on the 11th and the next one on the 25th from 2-4:30.


  • NOPE