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Proposed Agenda

  • Congratulations
  • Kendra's Article for the Occupier
  • Groups v2
    • Feedback from forums
    • Contact groups using v1
    • Next Sprint
  • Reschedule next week's meetings
  • A1, A2, A4
    • As it stands they fall on the 1st and the 4th, two big days of action.
  • Things to discuss with media
  • Tickets
    • There are a bunch of old and open tickets to take care of.

Congratulations (Outcome of the community gathering)

  • Woohoo! We had an awesome community gathering.
  • A woman who had previously worked with the FSF is planning on following up with us later.
  • One woman said she was a graphic designer and would be willing to help. Brandon has her info.
  • A couple other people might want to help out with OBIT in the future.

Kendra's Article

  • Kendra: I wrote an overview on the gathering which I want to publish in the Occupier. I sent it to the OBIT list for people to look over. Try to do that in the next 48 hours.

Teach-Ins / Skill-Shares

  • POC is trying to get in touch with some of the community groups who might want to help with outreach/teach-ins.
    • Kendra is in touch with them working to coordinate these events.
  • Ross: we should probably re-do the wiki thing, because of poor turnout.
  • We need to more outreach about these teach-in events.
  • The next target date for a teach-in is 8 April.
  • Ross: I'm not sure that having a scheduled training at a specific time is the best strategy for approaching this problem.
  • Brandon: I think scheduling trainings with particular working groups would be a good way to go about these teach-ins (ex. Wiki with Media). We can still invite others not in that WG to come.
  • Ross: It sounds like this is a lot of work and perhaps we're overextending ourselves. We need more people.
  • Ross: Maybe we also need to train ourselves with some skill-shares.
  • The groups votes to schedule a training with media to talk about wiki's specifically.
    • Steve will take the action to discuss that with them.
  • Jeremy: we need to have a conversation what OBIT's strategy and consistent message.
  • When are we going to hold our internal skill-shares?
    • Ross: I think it would be better if Wednesdays were work meetings where we could do a skill-share when we want.
    • We voted on that and reached consensus.
    • Wednesday April 18th we'll have a GPG skill-share during the meeting, starting at 6.

Things To Talk About With Media

  • Wiki training
    • It's already mostly planned, Steve just needs to schedule it.
  • Address the SFTP thing.
  • Everyone email list
  • Funders list
    • They will soon want to send another email out.
  • Groups v2
  • Media suggested meeting on Saturday, we counter suggest the 11th.
    • Dan Cheeno says that should be ok.

Groups v2

  • Dana: I made a new banner for groups, but I thought the design motif should be about groups rather than buildings.
  • Brandon: I think we should contact FSU and Safer Spaces, the most prominent users of groups v1.
  • We should create a custom theme (base-theme zen) that will allow us to start tackling the theme).
  • Etherpad Integration
    • Not in this sprint
  • Messaging and Notifications

Next Week's Meetings

  • Sunday & Wednesday are cancelled, we'll meet at 3 on Saturday at e5.


  • Crazy Shit


  • Dana will hand off a sign.


  • Not as a group.