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Proposed Agenda

  • May First
  • Computer for Radio
  • New Media lists
  • Everybody list
  • Community Forum Email List
  • Review of Tickets
    • Keep in mind media re-org
  • Groups
  • Transfer Domain

Occupy Arlington

  • MLs on riseup (no more Google Groups)
  • Website will be moving to May First

May First

  • The server was returned.

Computer for Radio

  • We can turn one of the computers over to OBR for use in their studio.
  • Brandon will talk with Rene about getting it to e5.

New Media Lists

  • Report back from last post-media meeting.
  • Media Bubbles: Livestream, blogging, twitter, facebook, cel.ly
  • What do we do with the 'media contact thing' on the website?
  • We should create a media-discuss and media-inquiry list

Everybody List

  • Logistics (Rene) is on board, as well as Anna from safer spaces, as well as Matt from facil.
  • Inreach and Media aren't really active any longer.
  • Brandon can be the rep from OBIT.
  • Our procedure probably doesn't have to go to GA.
  • How do we keep the everybody list updated?
    • Rebuilding the list would be convenient but wouldn't let people unsubscribe
    • We could keep people in the list but mark them as 'no mail'
    • Does mailman provide hooks?
    • We can have a 'cache' list of email addresses
  • We should create everybody-request with those people listed above
    • Brandon will do this
  • Those folks on everybody-request should have permissions to post messages to the actual everybody list


  • #73: Varnish is serving cached copies of the mobile site.
    • We can probably move to a mobile subdomain (m.occupyboston.org). This also allows us to turn off user agent detection.
    • We'll temporarily turn off the mobile plugin until the issue is resolved.
  • #75: Top menu bar is broken
    • We can't reproduce it, so we're going to deprioritize this ticket.
  • #16: Wordpress User Management
    • The user permissions editor has been installed and we can deal with permissioning problems as they arise.
  • #17: Installing plugins from wordpress UI should be disabled.
    • We'll leave this open until it's been verified to be take care of.
  • #70: Cannot preview posts on wordpress
    • Problem with varnish, this has been fixed
  • #76: Tighten mediawiki caption using Asirra
    • We haven't had wiki spam in over a week, so changing this to feature request rather than bug.
    • Upgrading to a more recent version of media wiki is a good idea. Should create another ticket for that.
  • #52: Featured Action Bit for Wordpress
    • Deprioritizing for now because of media dissolution
  • #42: Dev environment for wordpress
    • Ross & Steve will work on this
  • #44: Fix mobile wordpress site
    • We'll close #73 and superceed it with #44
  • #28: Livestream Aggregation:
    • Wishlist
  • #43: Ridiculous Share Plugins
    • brandon will take this
  • #69: info@occupyboston.org
    • worksforme: we're not responsible for forming groups to take care of info emails
  • #77: other info@occupyboston.org
    • wontfix: because the email goes to a single individual we're not going to publish it on the blog as info for all ob.
  • #58: trac captcha doesn't work
    • closed since we now require authentication to open new tickets
  • #65: enable comments on GA page on wordpress
    • pinged Matt H. on this.


  • What's the current state of development?
    • Stalled.
  • Lot's of pressure to get CSS change committed to make it pretty.
    • Ross has done a lot of CSS work for Drupal 6, let's convert that to play nice with Drupal 7.
      • Dana can talk with Ross about that.
  • Randy suggests having a design competition.

Transfer Domain

  • brandon will ask lefty to contact Jason and get the domain transferred to us.