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June 22nd Event

  • Jeremy: It's like the presentation I gave at the gathering, but a whole event focused on that technology.
  • Kendra: It will probably wind up being a debate on electoral politics.
  • Brandon: What left do we have to do to make this happen?
    • Kendra: I already made reservations for e5. There's a draft of a press release, which I'll incorporate some edits and then send it out.
    • Eden: I can put it on the calendar.
  • Jeremy: The structure I was thinking was an initial meet & greet around some kind of food. I'm going to tweak the presentation I gave and give that again, then I'm going to show some things like ALEC to show what we're up against.
    • The next part will be conversations, and maybe we should break people up and do something lightly facilitated.
    • Open Space
      • The open space should have a theme, like "technology and democratic inclusion"
  • Jeremy: I can purchase materials beforehand.
  • Eden: Is your goal to get people to use your web tool?
    • Jeremy: My goal is to create a tool that people want to use.
  • Proposed Schedule
    • 15 Min Meet & Greet
    • 30 Min Presentation
    • 15 Questions
    • 5 Minutes Open Space Introduction
  • [Kendra reads the press release]
  • Eden: Do we want money for food?
    • We can always purchase it ourselves
    • Kendra: I'll email Greg
  • Brandon: I think we should write a blog post and put it on the website.

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