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  • Tracy, Jeremy, Steve, Kendra, Dana, Brandon (notes)

Updating the OBIT Services Page

http://wiki.occupyboston.org/wiki/WG/OBIT/Services This is page is incredibly out of date.

Contacts for various things.


  • Ross, Steve, Dana, Brandon

Mailing Lists

  • Ross, Brandon, Steve


  • Steve, Matt

Support (trac)

  • Brandon, Dana

Wordpress (ob.org)

  • Steve, Brandon

Horde Webmail

  • Ross

Web IRC Client

  • Lefty


  • Tracy, Brandon, Rene?


  • Brandon, Steve

Community Training

  • Kendra

Direct Democracy

  • Jeremy, Kendra

User Support

  • Dana
  • Should we move the link to this page up to the top of our OBIT wiki page?
    • Yes, probably.

Making sure May First Contacts are up to date

  • The following people are listed as contacts on your mayfirst account: Matt W., Dana, Greg M., Brandon, Ross, Grainne.
  • We haven't seen G for a very long time, so let's remove from this list for now.
  • If people are concerned about OBIT dropping off the face of the earth, we can add more contacts to this list, so OB doesn't lose the mayfirst account.

Everyone List

  • Does anybody know how Ross put it together.
    • I think he did it my means of a mySQL query on the mailman database
  • We do have a system for handling submissions to the everyone list. Submissions can be sent to everyone-submit@lists.occupyboston.org. I'm going to make sure that the people who volunteered to help with that are still in contact -brandon.
    • After you confirm that, we should publisize the everyone list, and how to request things be sent out to it.

OBGroups List

  • I'm still getting bounces for this list every once in a while.
  • Brandon: we can probably delete that list.

Direct Democracy Followup

  • Jeremy: There was the conference just before I went on vacation, and a lot of people that I hadn't seen around before showed up. I took a lot of notes and I sent them out, but I think I forgot to include obit on that email. There were requests for a wide variety of involvement from training to discussing testing, like talking with a legislature about reading a bill that came out of it. It's a good start. I think we e5 going away, I'm going to try to space, like a local non-profit who can host meetings.
    • United for a Fair Economy is remodling their space and might have room for some meetings.
  • Jeremy: One of the goals that I had was to not be the driving force for the group, so the presentation was structured to deemphasize me and hear other voices, but there needs to be a forum for other people to step up.
  • Since it's still kind of in beta, the software, it still needs documentation right?
  • How often would you want to meet for this project?
    • Jeremy: I would show up to meetings once a week, I like energy, but everybody wouldn't have to show up each week.
  • Is there a mailing list for this project?
    • Yeah, I'll send out the details to the obit list.
  • When I was at the AMC they had us test a tool called the decider on labs.riseup.net. You might want to take a look at that.
    • There's also Liquid Feedback which is a project from the Pirate Party.
  • Should we schedule another meeting for this soon?
    • Yeah, but I don't know where we'd do it though. Tuesdays work good for me though. Maybe the 17th.

e5 Eviction

  • e5 has been asked to move by Aug. 1st.
  • For the next couple Sundays there will be e5 support meetings at 3PM on Sundays, which is when we usually meet. Would it be worth meeting from 1-3 on Sunday then going to that meeting?
    • Sounds good.
  • We have a couple options were we might be able to meet if e5 leaves, such as the NLG, or other progressive orgs.

What we will actually do if we get the MRG grant

  • Kendra: I framed it around computer literacy for activists and tools activists can use. A big portion of the grant was for rent too.
  • There's probably some sort of hackerspace around there that we could parter up with for a space.
  • Let's not worry about this until we actually get the money.

Broken Submissions Forms

  • Steve: I have a patch for our varnish configuration that fixes them. It was caching the captchas and caching the forms. The question I have is, the varnish configs, can we just go in and change them, or are they managed by puppet.
  • Brandon: Just sent ross a message, I'll update everybody when he responds.

Broken Things

  • We really need to find a designer to help us with our drupal groups project.
    • From now on let's make our Sunday meetings our drupal (groups) work days.
  • I'd also like to clear the ticket que on trac.