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Migrating from Wikispaces to MediaWiki

OBIT is considering a migration from wikispaces to a privately hosted instance of MediaWiki.

The rational for this is simple: moving to MediaWiki will give us ownership and control over our data.

"Pros" for the migration:

  1. Occupy Boston web space can be consolidated under occupyboston.org (without a $20/mo fee)
  2. We control our own data, on private servers, protected from corporate (& gov't) interests
  3. A MediaWiki instance will allow for more customization and more powerful features than wikispaces (elaborate?)

"Cons" against the migration:

  1. No wysiwyg editing (can we fix this?)
  2. People will have to be re-trained
  3. Effort has already been placed into wikispaces
  4. A premium account at wikispaces has been purchased