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OBIT todo

For OBIT internal use only NOT for support requests!

  • mediawiki migration
    • wyswig editor extension
      • installed FCKEditor MediaWiki extension, had to apply this patch
      • maybe find a way to make rich editor the default?
      • UNINSTALLED FCKEditor, installed WYSIWYG
    • Add mediawiki extensions
      • ParserFunctions,
      • Abuse Filter,
      • AntiBot,
      • Anti-spoof,
      • ConfirmEdit,
      • SimpleAntiSpam,
      • SpamBlacklist
      • TitleBlacklist
    • Add commons.wikimedia as a foreign repository - $wgUseInstantCommons
    • figure out exporting -- DONE -- brandon, matt, gregg, have keys
    • converter from wikispaces text to mediawiki text -- DONE -- still buggy: User:Matt/convert spaces to MW
    • wrap mediawiki text in mediawiki XML import format -- DONE -- User:Matt/makeXML
    • review automated import for bugs -- IN PROGRESS -- WG/OBIT/Import Bugs
    • organize import -- IN PROGRESS -- brandon, matt, onekarma
    • link wikispaces pages to new wiki -- solidstate? (or yanikn)
    • lock wikispaces pages -- solidstate? (or yanikn)
    • mediawiki mobile extension -- matt
    • load testing
      • move to mod_php if load testing doesn't work
    • Fix nice URLs -- DONE -- ross
      • not very useful at the moment as they aren't the default, and the homepage doesn't work
    • fix links from wordpress to wikispaces

    • create new lists for each group on mayfair
    • auto sign up old list members?
    • announce shutdown of old list at a certain date
    • add auto responder with new list info after date
    • disallow new posts after date
  • WordPress
    • load testing -- IN PROGRESS -- matt
      • Initial results of NOT good used $ab -n100 -c10 http://www.occupyboston.org/ and initial median response was 16 seconds! Dropped to 8s with Ross' fix: added define( ‘ENABLE_CACHE’, true ); to wp-config.php
      • $ab -n100 -c20 http://www.occupyboston.org/ media still high, 12 seconds
    • put WP under git -- DONE --ross
      • commands (requires key install, see ross):
mkdir occupyboston;
cd occupyboston; 
git init;
git remote add live ssh://occubos@boggs.mayfirst.org/home/members/occupyboston/sites/occupyboston.org/include/site_hub;
git fetch live;
git merge live/master
  • ticket tracking
    • trac suggested, see thread start
    • requirement: mobile accessible
    • currently (20 Oct) using support.occupyboston.org -- IN PROGRESS (brandon has admin, keys)
      • brandon and ravi will determine the spec logistics wants. Trac will be used for OBIT.
  • documentation and classes
    • mediawiki related
      • how to create an account -- Tracy
      • editing pages
        • how to use WYSWYG editor mode?
      • "Best Practices"
        • how to link properly (e.g. use permalinks)
        • best way to name a page
        • WG conventions (e.g.: WG work goes in /WG/<name>)
      • Import mediawiki help pages (which cover most of the above) Copy help pages