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17 Jan 2011

  1. Progress of Sopa:
    • We need to figure out the legal process behind SOPA/PIPA, how far they've progressed, how far they've got to go, and what their current status is.
  2. Photoshop/GIMP the Logo:
    • Somebody with those skills should make a nice censored Occupy Boston logo.
  1. Direct Action
    • Collaborate with Pirate Party
    • Stop SOPA School / Teach-In
      • We need to find a space
      • Can we shoot for the weekend after next? (28th or 29th)
    • Let's connect with Occupy the Burbs.
    • Have a rally at John Kerry's office
    • Connect with Signs to make some awesome anti-SOPA/PIPA signs
  1. Groups to connect with:
    • Occupy the Burbs
    • Outreach
    • DA
    • FSF
    • FSU
    • Pirate Party
    • OBIT
    • Citizens United
    • Media
    • Gorilla Info (No, I didn't misspell Guerrilla)
    • Radio
    • Livestream