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This Working group is dedicated to discussing Ideas, Ideals and Visions

SCROLL DOWN to see links to working materials. Note the dates to see where the current conversation is happening. And note which docs have been APPROVED BY GA. If a doc is not marked as approved, then it is DRAFT (in process).

To join in on the conversation:

  • Onsite Schedule/Meeting Time:possibly Mon, Oct. 24 7pm? This is the first prime time opportunity once the new GA schedule starts.
  • O'nline discussions:'
    • Right here on the Wiki (Document Development and Comment-posts)
      • SCROLL DOWN and choose a link. Note the "tabs" on each page. One for the page, and one for "posts" ABOUT the page
      • For wiki access, pleas choose the "join this wiki".
      • Practice Editing a Wiki here.
  • Email Groups:
    • discussion about "who are we" and "what do we want": [1]]
    • specific policies/technical mechanics: choose "issues" link on left and choose the link for "Specific Strategies"
    • EMAIL DISCUSSION HISTORY (this is under construction but you can track the history at the googlegroup homepages)

help: Terra 978 808 7173, occupybostonvol@gmail.com

Proposed language and Ideas for Statement of Purpose:


This is the list of documents that are "original", as submitted by an author, or original poster. Please don't change the documents, so we have a reference for the original.

Based on: Ideas, Ideals, and Visions at wikispaces