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Statement of Purpose

"We the people who have occupied Dewey Square, under the name Occupy Boston, have done so in order to maintain a place, where all voices are welcome for the open discussion of ideas, grievances, and potential solutions to the problems apparent in our society. We are and will be holding general assemblies where proposals may be brought to the group as a whole, to be consented to. We have and will continue to occupy this space for the purpose of DEMOCRACY." --this is what passed GA on Sunday. I think we should include it.

OWS-Boston: Statement of Occupation

Today the United States is confronted by a toxic mix of financial, social, and environmental catastrophes that demand a thorough and immediate clean-up. The common root of this disaster is the domination of our social, economic, and political lives by the interests of (a financial minority) the wealthy elite. Because the actions of the elite threaten our lives, the lives of all the Earth’s creatures, our livelihoods, our liberty, our human values, and our common future, We, the General Assembly of Occupy Boston have abandoned the existing (usual, direct democracy has always existed) channels of democratic action. The corrupt order amidst which we live demands a profound, collective response. Occupy Boston is such a response. (that response...let's take a stand)

  • Because, the problems of economic inequality, unemployment, and crushing debt, are all symptomatic of the larger corrupting influence money has on our political and social lives,
  • Because, this influence impedes progress toward a more just and sustainable society, perpetuates crisis at home and war abroad and perverts democratic action,
  • Because, the pursuit of this agenda has an even more devastating effect on the more vulnerable and less empowered members of our community as well as on the ecosystems upon which our species depends,
  • Because, those pursuing this agenda also own or control, directly or indirectly, the media and legal apparatus:
  • We have retaken the commons and resurrected democracy.

Be it resolved that we, the General Assembly of Occupy Boston, acting in solidarity with occupations across America and with peoples' movements worldwide, do hereby declare our opposition to all systems of power that function to maintain oppressive and undemocratic systems. We declare that a better world is possible, and that it is our right and responsibility to begin creating it.

End the document above this line -- reasoning, and more edits forthcoming later (Eli) Disagree. That's treading water: a version of the above already came before GA; the authors were told to rewrite it, Aria.


Our mission is to give birth to a just and compassionate body politic that will tread lightly upon the Earth.

Our mission will be accomplished when these goals are met:

1. The US has a sustainable peace time economy.

2. The voices of the 99% are heard and acted upon. 3. All the Earth’s ecosystems are healthy. 4. In allocating resources, the US government priorities the needs of the environment and the 99% who are not wealthy.

The SPP Working Group asks the GA and all concerned persons to put forth objectives,methods, strategies and tactics which will accomplish goals 1-4.