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DRAFT! Occupy Wall Street’s

=Road Map To Economic Justice and Horizontal Democracy=
“the truth is always simple”

OWS Mission Statement:

Our mission is to give birth to a just and compassionate body politic that treads lighly upon the Earth.

Our mission will be accomplished when these goals are met:
1. The US has a sustainable peace time economy.
2. The voices of the 99% are heard and acted upon.
3. All the Earth's ecosystems are healthy.
4. In allocating resources, the US government priorities the needs of the 99% who are not wealthy.

We ask that all elected officials pledge to support these objectives and methods:

5. The immediate creation of a National Single Payer Non-Profit Healthcare System
6. The End of Corporate Personhood.
7. The implementation of a “cradle to grave” social safety net.
8. To end the assault on workers' rights
9. To support the end of institutionalized racism, sexism, homophobia and attacks on immigrants.
10. To end the current wars and vow to not engage in another.
11. To facilitate the creation of a new tax code, written from scratch, that supports our goals
12. To pass the Obama jobs bill.
13. To extend the pubic education system through all levels.
14. To direct government spending away from the military and towards social programs.
15. To convene a Constitutional Convention to implement Proportional Representation
16. To repeal all anti-union laws.

It is not the role of OWS to craft legislation. We look forward to commenting on our legislators plans on how to implement the Roadmap.

Based on: Road Map at wikispaces