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Working Groups are the organs supporting the body of the Occupation. Within these groups you will find resources, discussions, and courses of action in every field.
<u>Working Groups are open; please contribute!</u>
===Action and Information===
*[[Arts and Culture|Arts and Culture]]
*[[Direct Action|Direct Action]]
*[[Citizens United to End Political Bribery|Citizens United to End Political Bribery]] For ending corporate money in politics
**[[Occupy Everywhere|Occupy Everywhere]]
**[[Immigration Working Group|Immigration Working Group]]
*[[WG/OBIT]] Occupy Boston IT
*[[External Technology Support]] (to work on this wiki and other sites, not necessarily at Dewey Square)
*[[Strategies, Proposals, Positions|Strategies, Proposals, Positions]]
*[[InterOccupation Communications/Connections]]
*[[Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience|Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience]]
*[[Volunteer Coordination|Volunteer Coordination]]
*[[Street Theater]]
*[[Womens Caucus]]
===Infrastructure and Onsite Support===
*[[Animal Safety]]
*[[Tent City/Safety/Community Wellness|Community Wellness]]
*[[Faith and Spirituality|Faith and Spirituality]]
*[[Finance Working Group|Financial Accountability]]
*[[Info Tent]]
*[[Jail Support]]
*[[Logistics|Logistics / Tactical]]
*[[Survivor Advocacy]]
===In [[Solidarity]]: Friends of Occupy Boston===
*Free School University [[FSU]]
*[[Music and Events]]
*[[Students Occupy]]
*[[Occupy Boston Globe]]

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