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[https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Boston-Radio/252192604847461?sk=info Facebook]
[https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Boston-Radio/252192604847461?sk=info Facebook]
Meeting Minutes:
== Meeting Minutes ==
[http://wiki.occupyboston.org/wiki/WG/radiomeeting1_9 1.9.12 Meeting Notes]
[[WG/radiomeeting1_9 1.9.12 Meeting Notes]]
[[WG/radio/min-jan-13-2011|January 13, 2011]]
== Documentation ==
== Documentation ==

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Welcome to Occupy Boston Radio's home on the wiki!

The Radio WG is striving to produce great programming all about Occupy Boston and the whole Occupy movement.

If you are interested in joining, send mail to radio@occupyboston.org to get added to our mailing list.

Please visit the OB Radio player to listen.


Mailing list: radio@lists.occupyboston.org Groups page: http://groups.occupyboston.org/wg/radio

OBR Phone for calling in: 617-50MY-RAD



Meeting Minutes

WG/radiomeeting1_9 1.9.12 Meeting Notes January 13, 2011


How to broadcast from a mac

Configuring Ices2

Configuring Liquidsoap