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  • Randy, Brandon (notes), Chris, Tracy (facilitator), David, Patrick, Glenn, Jay, David, Todd, Kendra, Sarah.

Show Rundowns

  • Patrick's show was delayed for a week.
  • Tracy is producing the VFP show again this week.
  • Tracy: I still have to contact David for a Spanish language show.
  • Theology in Action is going up on Friday as usual.
  • Brandon is going to take care of Civil Science on Wednesday.
  • FSU is ready to go as usual.
  • Linda & Janet are on their way towards having a couple of shows on the can (two weeks).
  • Jerry from Occupy Jobs is interested in a show.
  • Sage is still interested in a show.
  • Kazi from POC is interested in a show.
  • The Library is interested in a show.
  • John Ford is interested in a show.
  • Kendra & Liam are working on a buscar's show.
  • Jay got a release for about an hour's worth of music.

Possible Community Gathering

  • We've been offered the community gathering a week from today.
  • We've decided we're probably not ready to do this. We'll let Jorge no that.

Studio Building

  • We originally decided on building the studio out on Sat. the 17th. That's going to be be moved backed a week due to conflicts with e5.
  • We have $50 currently, after paying for Feb's rent.
  • Sage has a bunch of material he might be able to donate for sound proofing
  • Yoga mats & foam pillows can help too.
  • David has been doing a lot of research about professional sound proofing.
  • We should start throwing these ideas up on a whiteboard.

OBR Member Guide

  • Everybody should take a section and check it for errors.


  • David asked his lawyer for help with releases. So we've now got some new and improved releases.
  • We have two releases, we one for music and one for generally, when people go on the radio everybody needs to sign that one.


  • We need to have a budget because if we're going to do fundraisings we need to know what we're fundraising for.
    • Rent $400/mo.
    • Studio Building
    • Incidentals


  • What we have:
    • Mixer
    • 3 Mics
    • 1 XLR mic chord & 1 1/4" mic chord.
  • What we'd like:
    • 2 mics
    • 3 mic stands
    • 4 XLR chords.
    • Computer
      • Two 1TB HDDs
    • Ext. HDD
    • Thumb Drives


  • Jay has a friend who runs a rehearsal space in Dudley Sq. It fits 80-100 people. It'd be best to use in March (either the 3rd or the 16th).
  • Live bands, performances, multimedia, artists, etc.
  • Raffle, silent auctions, food.
  • Selling CDs?
  • Contact Kevin about donors?

Donor Gifts

  • Storm has been getting together for us for our donor gifts. He's working on a series of images for totebags, t-shirts, stickers, etc.
  • Sarah is meeting with Jay from the Screen Printing guild tomorrow.


  • The suggestion is to setup a temporary service while airtime is perfected.