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Notes for the OBR meeting on Friday, 13 Janurary, 2011.

In attendence:

  • brandon (Notes)
  • Linda (Facilitator)
  • Tracy
  • Chris
  • Zoe
  • Michael
  • Sarah
  • Gunner

Dana made stickers! There is a place on Basecamp to put where you've stuck them.

Tracy has the money for the (Clear) hotspot, and will pick it up this weeekend.


  • Music (Live 365)
  • Media (Michael)
  • DemocracyNow (Jaques)
  • Music (Sage)
  • Show / Leads
  • Retreat
  • Airtime
  • Hotspot
  • E5
  • Copyright Act of 1976 (Zoe)
  • Broadcasting the GA


  • Clear, unlimited, $50/mo. Tracy will pick it up this weekend and activate it shortly.

Retreat (Sarah)

  • Sarah has a proposal for a retreat. "I think the retreat would give us the opportunity to get to know eachother and build some skills". Raymond has connections with Emerson, and the department there. Six to eight hours. Kathryn has connections with regards to team building.
  • [1] to text of proposal.
  • Linda: is there a timeframe? Sarah: absolutely by Sun the 29th.
  • Brandon: How much will this cost? Sarah: we can rent a dance studio space for about $100 a day.
  • VOTE: we want to do this retreat, we need to pick a date still.
  • We could possibly do this twice.
  • Sarah will organize picking a day.
  • Brandon: Whatever venue we choose needs wifi & power.
  • ACTION: Sarah is going to find a venue and poll the group.

Show / Leads

  • Tracy sent Joshua from Media an email about doing a politics show. Also wants to get a science show together.
  • Linda will have audio from Occupy Boston TV that we can put on the radio
  • Chris: Todd is reevaluating if he wants to do the show or not. I emailed Kevin, but have yet to hear back from him.
  • Sarah to Chris: Kevin M. and Dan C. want to do some kind of talk show.
  • Michael: We had a production exercise on Tuesday, had some feedback on technical issues & content. News team met on Sunday and decided it would be best to prerecord the news on Sunday to be broadcasted later that day or Monday.
  • Linda: I had a bunch of technical difficulties, so we couldn't do the show on Friday. Come to the conclusion that we need to become self-sufficient with the technical stuff. Hopefully we'll be ready for this Friday.
  • Sarah: Ren is still deciding where she's at with the show. to Tracy: Sandrine from Free Press would like a show. Alex really wants to do a sports show, Jay can't really produce it right now, so Brandon will do it now. Angela needs a new producer too, Tracy will take on that.

Music (Live 365) / Copyright Act

  • Zoe: I have talked to Live365, an internet radio station provider, they have set up the Occupy Austin radio. The more people who listen the more you pay.
  • We'd be locked in to a year long contract, but not necessarily at a certain 'level' of live365's service.
  • Zoe: the copyright act of 1976 allows for Fair Use. Linda: these people are bullies and can and will take them to Court, so I suggest either going with Live365 or doing the legwork.
  • Brandon: because we're not a non-profit, people would be held personally responsible for any infringements.
  • Include [2] to live365 plans & pricing.

Media (Michael)

  • Mike: I went to the Media working group meeting on Wednesday. The experience was more positive than I anticipated. They had the same idea that I had about cross-promotion and publicity. They asked us about scheduling and special event information. I kept things vague. I did say we'd plan to put the schedule on the blog.

Democracy Now

  • Sarah: Jaques has been in touch Democracy Now seeing if we can syndicate their stuff. Tracy will get into contact with them.

Music (Sage)

  • Sarah: Sage is interested in submitting some music. Chris can write up a release document. Brandon will setup a submission email account.


  • Brandon: still a WIP. Wednesday sounds like a reasonable day to me.


  • We've been offered the room off the back wall for us to use. Not as a permenent studio, but it should be an improvement.

Broadcasting at the GA

  • Jorge says he can take some time to help setup equipment at the GA.
  • There is some controversy about whether we should broadcast the GAs because of the recent infighting, etc.
  • Randy: it's going to be technically difficult to mic some of the locations.
  • Linda: because it's going to be such a challenge, perhaps two or three people should take it on as their project.
  • Michael: the GA isn't very compelling to listen to, and I'd favor something more edited. We should have some kind of coverage.
  • Zoe: GA is kind of our C-SPAN
  • Sarah: if we do do it, I'd like it to be C-SPAN-esque. No commentary or peeps from the producers. There can be an opinion show afterwards, however. We need to make sure we can do it before we attempt to do it.
  • Chris: we shouldn't do it when the GA is ready, we should do it when we're ready.
  • Brandon: we're technically able to do small venues, but the larger church halls are going to be a challenge. We'll need more equipment.
  • Sarah: is there anybody who would like to work on the GA project? Brandon, Tracy, Zoe.

Development / Fundraising

  • We're going to need to start independent fundraising. Is anybody interested in that?