Who Owns What

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[Who owns what media outlet] [What 6 Corps own 90% of US media]

[Who owns what organic food supplies]

[Who owns US farmlands]

[Who owns US Mines]

[Who owns the Fed]

What is ALEC

[Who owns what % of wealth] The richest 1% now has 34% of all private wealth, more than 90% of Americans put together. The top 1% own about 37% of the value of corporate stock, and the next 9% has 42%; the rest of us have just 21%.

[Who owns the corporations (stockholders)]

[% of state land owned by the feds]

[List of Top Power Holders]

[Corporate Connections]

[Carlisle Group] owned in part by Bush and BinLaden, runs Booz Allen, which runs NSA.

[What countries own US debt]

[What countries own US debt] [Somewhat funny who owns the US by %]

[Who owns oil and natural gas companies] not the wealthy? is this true?

[USC group tracking power]

[Foreign Ownership of the US]

[Who owns the World?] You do!