Worker Collectives

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This page is devoted to [Worker Collective] ideas, background and resource materials. A worker collective can be a social enterprise. A social enterprise can be a worker collective.

NOTE: resource for capital (etc) are being stored at the bottom of the [Social Enterprises group page].

MEETING: There's the "Social Enterprise WG meeting", which is about all Social Enterprise forms, which meets in Kendall Square. Then there's also the "Co-Op Meeting in Newton, which is focused ONLY on Co-Ops. R. Wayne Clark holds the latter in his house. Contact him ag:

Workers Collectives are generally owned and run by the workers. Progressive Economics group [Dollars and Sense's article about worker cooperatives].

[Worker Owned and Run Cooperative Network of Greater Boston]

[Conference for Worker Owned Cooperatives] June 2012

[Guide for Starting one]

[Collective Development Startup Kit/Instructions]

There are lots of ideas on how to structure worker collectives. In Massachusetts the legal system requires specific people to act as the "owners" of the worker collective or social enterprise. A number of Occupy Boston members have been discussing how to do this within the legal system, but also operate "in the Occupy way". One idea is to automatically rotate members into the Board of Director and CEO slots, and then have specific rules requiring each of these people to act only upon permission of the general body of shareholders.

Ideas welcome. Please go back to the Social Enterprise page, for more specific meeting and contact info.

Please add info specific to the concept of worker collectives here.

Legally Binding Partnerships