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CRY ----------- 2013 CALENDAR ----------- THE COMMONS ----------- RESOURCES

January 2013 Plan and organize for long term changes.

Take time this first month of 2013 to look at the year ahead and get organized. What are you going to do to reinvest in your community this year, with whom and when?

February 2013 Invent and come up with original ideas.

How about starting with the basics of moving your money, which may include any or all of the following?

  1. Moving your checking account to a better bank (coop, credit unions, etc.)
  2. Moving your savings account to a better bank (coop, credit unions, etc.)
  3. Finding a greener credit card and/or sending your mega bank cards back to the bank with a note of explanation
  4. Investing in more responsible/sustainable/community oriented mutual funds, bonds, or microloan organizations, RSF Social Finance or Community Investment Notes from nonprofit Calvert fund or kiva.org, for example.
  5. Buying shares in local coop utility, food stores or a direct offering.
  6. Moving your debt from the big banks (car, house, credit card) to better banks, credit unions etc.
  7. Shortening your debts as much as possible.

And of course there is Strike Debt

March 2013 Indulge in Music Art, Dance, Painting, Poetry, Meditation, Yoga, or just read a good book.

  • Sharing these on the wiki to get everyone's right brain etc. really involved in the creative process.


April 2013 Hoarding Hall of Shame Month!

  1. Publicly expose banks and corporations that are the worst hoarders.
  2. Encourage enforcement of IRS regulations against hoarding.
  3. Develop legislation to encourage more investment in local communities.
  4. Clean-out your closets, cupboards, bookshelves, garage, and donate to your local food bank, thrift store, friends 7 neighbors.
  5. Have an exchange or gift party (cloths, books, jewelry, white elephant.)

May 2013 Start a long term project that will have a big effect

  1. Develop a public bank on the state level. Public Banking Institute
  2. Develop other models for local credit unions, community interdependence funds etc.
  3. Start a community garden, yearly (or more often) seed exchange, book swap, canned food swap.
  4. Other examples:
  • cascadia,
  • Invest Local Ohio,
  • The NH community Loan Fund,
  • MtBizworks NC,
  • Calvert Fund,
  • kiva.org
  • local coop utility,
  • food stores
  • direct offering

June 2013 Sponsor Lectures and/or workshops teaching folks how to help guide any organization they are involved with to invest its money more responsibly. Don't forget to do it yourself with any of the following:

  1. Your place of worship
  2. Your town, state or federal government
  3. Your Alma Mater and local schools
  4. Your union
  5. Your pension fund
  6. Your state government
  7. Any other organization you are in contact with

Info on action to divest from fossil fuels: http://gofossilfree.org/

July 2013 - Reinvest in your Home

  1. Pay off your mortgage or remortgage with a better bank
  2. Buy a second property and rent it out
  3. Buy a home for your children
  4. Invest in energy efficiency and /or alternative energy
  5. Start or upgrade your vegetable/herb garden
  6. Make better use of your land and any other resources associated with your home.
  7. Having foreclosure issues? Have you considered looking into using the administrative process?

Info on using the Administrative Process for Foreclosure Issues

August 2013 Organize Festivities, Celebrations, Banquets, Fiestas....

  1. Have a big party and invite everyone you know who is doing anything connected to community reinvestment to come and share/network/celebrate!
  2. Serve local food, include information about your farmers, chefs and farmers market or coop.
  3. Host a celebratory book, clothes, tool, or toys swap.

September 2013 Attend to details - tidy up.

Think about all the changes you want to make toward community reinvestment this year and finish up what you can this month.

October 2013 This is a good month to begin new relationships

  1. Have a yard sale and meet your neighbors. Tell them you are engaging in an alternative economy, handout info.
  2. Shop local with folks you get to know and tell your friends about it.
  3. Shop second hand.
  4. Engage in alternate exchange (livelihood or trade) systems: time-share, local notes, gift economy. (time trade circle.org, Charles Eisenstein)
  5. Find a green, socially responsible and 'outside the box' thinking financial adviser.
  6. Get to know your local organic and/or sustainable farm.

November 2013 Trust Your Intuition - Do what you are drawn to this month

December 2013 It's time to summarize what you have done and present your ideas to others, reach out internationally and collaborate in a bigger way.