AK Press and PM Press Book Recommendations

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Book Recommendations via Romy Ruukel and AK Press & PM Press

Cindy Milstein, Anarchism and Its Aspirations (Milstein gives a great

"Anarchism 101" talk & apparently has been doing so in Occupy Philly!

An easy introduction for anyone curious about, but wary of, the

A-word. Includes a great take on direct democracy, an essential

component of the Occupy movement.)

David Graeber, Direct Action: An Ethnography (Graeber has been right

in the middle of the action at Wall Street, but this book is about the

Quebec City protests of 2011)

Dara Greenwald & Josh MacPhee, eds. Signs of Change: Social Movement

Cultures, 1960s to Now (Today's political posters and graphics draw

inspiration from the rich history of movement artwork catalogued in

this book.)

Delfina Vannucci & Richard Singer, Come Hell or High Water: A Handbook

on Collective Process Gone Awry (Whether you're new to collective

process or so old-school that you twinkle in your sleep, you know that

those General Assemblies can bring out the best and worst aspects of

directly democratic group decision-making. This book is a helpful

resource, with some great cartoons for comic relief.)

Michael D. Yates & Fred Magdoff, The ABCs of the Economic Crisis: What

Working People Need to Know (Let's call the economic crisis what it

is: the expected outcome of a destructive system. Capitalism, when it

functions correctly, is based on the exploitation of the majority by a

tiny minority in control of business interests. Read more about it in

this book.)

Scott Crow, Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy, and the Common

Ground Collective (By the co-founder of the collective in New Orleans.

Crow’s vivid memoir maps the intertwining of his radical experience

and ideas with Katrina’s reality, and community efforts to translate

ideals into action.A story of resisting indifference, rebuilding hope

amidst collapse, and struggling against the grain.)

Gary Phillips & Andrea Gibbons, eds. Send My Love and a Molotov

Cocktail!: Stories of Crime, Love and Rebellion. (Edited by people i

love and respect a great deal. A collection of short stories about

riots, revolts, and revolution. From the turbulent days of unionism in

the streets of New York City during the Great Depression to a group of

old women who meet at their local café to plan a radical act that will

change the world forever, these original and once out-of-print stories

capture the various ways people rise up to challenge the status quo

and change up the relationships of power. Ideal for any fan of noir,

science fiction, and revolution and mayhem.)