Action Assembly II

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Took place on Sunday night 1/22. If you have any notes on actions you are taking please put a copy here.

Occupy Tommy (Menino)

Jack, Chaser, Ellen

We started the meeting with lots of concerns about Menino, such as the contacts and meetings w between Mayor Menino and Mayor Bloomberg, the police tactics and efforts at Dewey were mild but instigated after this meeting…. Researching Tommy’s positions, connections

Good Cop/ bad cop

Alternative candidates were discussed, running Occupy people, who else is running

Inviting City Councilors like Arroyo and Ayana Pressley (Brian has a connection w her)

Making Menino aware of Occupy, Occupy will be at his events like a shadow, wearing Occupy 99% tee shirts to let him know we are there, mike checking meetings w specific things we want him to do

  1. pas legislation
  2. meet w us
  3. help people who are being foreclosed on
Possible Actions:

Dumping Dirt at an event or speech to push the issue on Community farms, need for clean soil, stop using pesticides, etc. Public embarrassment when important leaders are in town, eg Barack Obama “Let Them Eat Cake” Marie Antoinette- Barack Obama at Chef’s event on the 29th? Op-Ed Open letter to Tommy Menino Mike Check his meetings or city council Teaching the MA legislature how to participate in Horizontal Democracy

Research Big Dig

List of grievances Building a Better Boston- Positive Initiatives to pressure him on

How Do we ENVISION a Better City ?
  • Permaculture gardens in public green spaces
  • Affordable housing that is open to those living without homes and underwater from mortgages or been evicted-green designed
  • public space for public discourse
  • put money back into education, local schools
  • pesticides and herbicides off public land like the Boston Common, Boston Garden , Esplanade
  • Closed loop municipal recycling
  • mandatory roof gardens w food and flowers
  • pollution ordinances to reduce car exhaust and car use, increased and improved bike lanes and bike rental program, closing down certain streets on certain days to car traffic- like Newbury street on or Atlantic Ave on Sundays….


Working group sponsors a Day of Visioning on some of the following possible areas for Discussion

EDUCATION, PUBLIC SPACES, PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, LOCAL FOOD and CRAFTS, COURT and POLICE Reform, ARTS and MUSIC, STUDENT and College Life, Spiritual and Faith, Community and Neighborhoods, Tourism, HOUSING, Fair, Green and Affordable,

Day long event of visioning a Better Boston the above areas or something like that open for discussion and vision

Adopt some principles and or possibilities for a better Boston

Write a letter to Tommy and Councilors, School Board about the vision, invite them for meetings…

Depending on the response, write op ed to Boston papers

Create a community wide event w City of Boston and other social change groups to create a Better Boston, hook in w lots of youth groups…


Occupy the T

Action planned for Wednesday January 25, from 4:30-6:30 in South Station.

Charlie and the MTA

A couple of people are playing with a remix of Charlie and the MTA. Tim would bring instruments but not unless he had actually practiced with some fellow occupiers.