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InterOccupation Communications Group - Boston

The purpose of this working group is to expedite connectivity between Occupy Boston and other occupations, in the US and worldwide, to foster a global village which flourishes from the benefits of local cultures, while leveaging international connectivity.

Group Concept Ideas:

1. Share “best practices” and local occupation talking points.

2. Help coordinate National and International Days (marches, movements, strikes, etc.) between Boston’s working groups and those nation wide.

3. Expedite communication between occupations in emergency situations.

4. Facilitate and keep a repository (though transparent) of correspondence with other Occupations, as well as important documentation from other Occupations.

5. Build relationships and good will between OB and other occupations.

6. Help people learn how to start new occupations.

7. Be a point contact group for visitors from other Occupations and help guide them to other interested working groups within camp.

8. Expedite communication between other occupations seeking contact with specific Boston working groups.

9. Travel, as possible, to other occupations to observe their methods and report back to OB.